Friday, September 30



sometimes, i don't mean to be rude or mean, but i just feel that i wanna say something.
sometimes, if you think that i've changed or i'm too harsh or selfish, i got my own reason why i'm being a jerk.
sometimes, it is better to hide whats bugging you head and faking a smile because you make others heart happy.
sometimes, you've said that you're trying to be a better person, but you have to try harder.
sometimes, i'm sorry to say this, i'm sick of it.
sometimes,  i'm trying to be nice and be the person that you want me to be, but you won't let me.
sometimes, you got to vanish your ego and don't try to pull back in the real you who is eager to come out from yourself.
sometimes,  maybe it is true that nothing will stay the same forever but we are the one that make things change. am i right?
sometimes, i don't want to be offensive but made me to.
sometimes, you gotta live up your life and break the wall that hold you from being happy.

happy doesn't mean that we have to laugh until our face hurt, jump around and sing, tell everybody that you are happy. its enough with a smile. :) it ain't cost you a penny to move some muscle on your cheek to smile right?

people do grow apart and we have to deal with it. but are you just gonna sit tight and see others happy and you're not?

friends are the person that understand you and stick with you through thick and thin. that won't hurt you in any ways, the person you can tell every little things even if its kinda silly, that hold your back in no matter what lies in front of you, that tell you that is the right decision to make. and  that is what friends means to me. i love my friends! :)

live up your life. be happy! :)

Wednesday, September 28

a day to remember

tak jawab dosa, kalau jawab sayang :)

i'm supposed to be studying right now, yes now is study week, err yes that is why it is called 'study week, because we have to study, yeah i know but *inhale imsonotinthemoodtostudyiwannaupdatemyblogforfiveminutes
*exhale. interpret it. :)
today, me and my girlfriends went to sunway pyramid for some skating baby! we planned to go to genting at the first place but the weather are pretty unstable nowadays. so we can't make any prediction whether the weather is going to be fine or not. so we decided to go to sunway pyramid and have some fun there.

okay, okay we went to FULLHOUSE! repeat FULLHOUSE. okay, stop. maybe dah ramai dah penah pegi, kami je yang baru nak show off. okay whatever but all i can say is that it was worth it! seriously recommended for anyone who would like to try something new and CUTE i would say. tapi kan food dia sedap gilaa and banyak gilaa. 

the place was super-cute.
like seriously.
yeah, no kidding. seriously awesome.
yeah, i'm serious.
believe me.

so after we had our lunch, then snap, snap,snap. strike some violent pose. then snap,snap,snap. then ask the waiter "can you take our picture please?", then snap,snap,snap again. photo taken everywhere in there. it was white and pretty! :) not us, the place.

then headed for some ice skating baby! the fun was totally different if you went skating with your friends, family or your boyfriend. it was double fun. okay, ada laa part jatuh beramairamai and then ada some random people lend a hand to help us get up and then we wet our pants at the butt lower back part but it was part of the excitement. :)

we arrived at our beloved college at 10 pm after 12 hours journey. i would say 'journey' because petaling jaya is kinda far for us to get there since we have to take all kind of public transports. plus with all the run to catch the train and switching from ktm to putra lrt. okay it was a journey. :)

thanks to all my sweet and lovely girlfriends <3
farah, linda, wani, sue, and as

love, duya <3

Monday, September 26

if a fairy ask me

if a fairy ask me what i want for now,
i want to get to somewhere like this

or like this,

or maybe something like this,

or anything like this,

gosh, really awesome, or or or, like this,

ignore the person in the photo, the scenery is breathtaking
or else like,

okay, the last one is a 'must-go'
and i wanna go with,

and having this,

plus this one,
i wanna have it with ice :)
if i can't go anywhere or any similar places like above, 
i just want to do this,

Friday, September 23


back to tumblr-ing
my dear blog, it doesn't mean that i dump you
it just that i wanna share my love equally :)

Thursday, September 22


assalamualikum. tak jawab dosa. :)

okay, seriously when i read all my previous post, semua nak post yang jiwa kacau kan. kan kan kan? i think someone might thought that ' loser nye life die. asyikasyik jiwa kacau je'. excuse me, this is my blog and the place where i can speak my mind. i think maybe by sharing all the feelings that i feel,  i can learn about myself more. maybe some of you guys have feel the same that i feel, and you have some opinion about how you cope with all the stuff. bla, bla, bla. okay, done with that.

have you heard about vlogg? i don't know if i spelled that right but i just knew that a video of some people talking in front of camera, giving their views on some issue then upload it on youtube, is called a vlog. okay its pathetic that i just knew about it. like my previous post, i've wrote about a guy matluhfi90 on youtube and all his cool videos talking on some issues that makes me go like "haha. tak penah terfikir pulak" and then with haha again. cool gila kot. so i've watched it like million times and i just knew that its a vlogg. haha lame laahh duya.

ii think that it is called a vlogg because maybe it stands for v-video and logg-blog. am i right? soo it is a video blog. instead of this type of blog *yang aku tengah type ni, one more thing with the logg word at the end is tumblog. this one is for tumblr application that i am sooo in love with, with all the cute photo and stuff. okay tak nak cerita. kalau nak tau betapa best nye tumblr and how it can inspire you, sign up for tumblr okay. then you gonna get tumblrized. and yes, another logg in mind is cool blog. this one have nothing to do with sitting in front of camera or a computer. you just go to the shop then buy one. seriously delicious. :)

maria elena videos are one of my fave vlogg. like seriously she is soo cool and pretty. maybe some people don't like it when she does her annoying faces and silly act, but i think that is coo because she is being herself. bukan nak cover-cover. and i loveee her accent. cool lahh senang cerita. check her out okay.

i've seen some other vlogg, amateur, and maybe its not as easy as it seen to talk in front of camera without saying "errrr" or "emm" or "ahhhh". kan? so maybe we should give some credit one their confidence to do that. haters who commented on their videos, jang laa harsh sangat. cuba kalau korang yang buat macam tu. susah kan. different people have different ways to express their feeling and thoughts. maybe by making a vlogg they can speak up what on their head. :)

all i'm trying to say is that some vlogg are cool and some are not. okay kidding. false statement. alright, for me people making vlogg to express their feeling. maybe what they are trying to say has happened to you before. emm like PMS (*source from  maria elena's vlogg) or anything. yup, i do admit that she is soo true about that. so for guys, it is a warning for you to be prepared for the worst. i'm not saying that for your gf or anyone special but i can happen to your mum or you sister. it can help you to understand more :) so take the positive side instead of the negative.

okay lahh, tak jiwa kacau sangat kan. and do you notice how many times i say 'okay'? yup, and i don't know why. peace yaww! :)

love, duya <3

Wednesday, September 21

i know i am

currently listening to justin bieber, that should be me
i just
i don't want to be selfish
i got to make the right deision
i willing to see others fine because i know i can handle it
i'm good with 'letting things go'
yeah, i am.

i miss my mama, abah, naim, and everybody at home ;(

Saturday, September 17


Do you ever feel like you're pretending to be happy but deep inside something is missing and all you want is self-satisfaction? You've tried to please everybody but they doesn't seems to see it?

People are keen to see others weaknesses rather than what are they good at. i'd lied if i say i never say bad things about others. thats gonna make me an angel. but i'm not an angel. i'm just a normal human being whom sometimes face failure and try to run away from it. i'm not perfect. i have to learn how to see others in other way round and learn that everybody is just the same. we're the one that build a wall of gap between us and others that made of hatred and wrong instead of right. maybe they do have reasons behind all the things they have done.

when a big boy pick on someone who is smaller than him, there is must be a reason.
when a girl call other girl 'ugly', there is must be a reason.
when a man sit beside his wife grave from morning to dawn, everyday for over a year, there is must be a reason.
when a woman doesn't care if kids call her fat or whatever, and yet she just smile at them, there is must be a reason.

every stories, there is must be a reason.

appreciate what you have in life and color your life with your own beauty. do what your heart says and if that makes you laugh and smile, why have to give up on them? please yourself. one's said that ' you should make one heart happy everyday, and if you can't, make your heart happy'. :)

Saturday, September 10


hey everyone :)

today is 10 September 2011 and i'm home after non-stop eating for whole day in shahira's house in seremban and beed's house afterward in cheras. i'm full! * but if someone give me a snack like an ice cream or even or pizza, i would take it. lasagna would be perfect! yumm yumm. :)

fyi, i've been writing today's post last night but i don't know how i end up sleeping with my head on the table and my hand still on the keyboard. oaky, so let me start again.

today's post i would like to give my review about an awesome young and talented person i found on youtube. maybe some of you guys have heard about najwa latif and matluhfi90 and their cool videos on youtube. okay, tipu la kalau takde haters kat luar sana yang rase diaorang ni takde bakat or annoying ke apa but in my opinion, they're cool!

call me lame but seriuously i just knew about najwa latif about a week ago when bangchik asked me if i've seen a videos about this girl playing her guitar and her first single 'cinta muka buku'. so when i watch her videos, okay, jaw dropping okay. i've seen some videos of some girls playing guitar and do cover videos, and i think she is better than the rest so far. she has her own personality, style and low-profile ordinary tennage girl. i found her blog , click here and it is cool. so to najwa latif, you got one fans here and good luck for your  future! you go girl! :)

heres another one. matluhfi90. seriously, i laughed like hell when i watched his videos on youtube. i give him big applause because his is not just a video of some guy talking crap in front of camera and upload in on youtube, but he does have something for us to think about. about how to preserve our nature, mother's day dedication, malaysians today, things that make us like 'ooo a'ah kan betul la ape yang die cakap, hehehe' after watching it. i've been watching some of his videos for several times and i kept laughing over and over again. ohh yes, one more thing, dia oghang kedah. :) matluhfi best!

alright thats all for today* macam bagi lecture kat kelas. okay, and maybe you guys have met him before but here is my cute little cutiepie :) miss him.

love, duya <3

Wednesday, September 7

whitesnake live in malaysia

*besarkan gambar ni. memang bagi  large sebab nak tunjukkan betapa excited-nya sekarang!

when abah called me and said " whitesnake nak datang Malaysia this October"
i was like,

oh my gosh!
on my 100-things-to-do-before-i-die list, i wrote
#32. rocking out at bon jovi or whitesnake concert.
and abah,
please, i really really really wanna go. pretty pleaseeee. i promise i'll be a good kid 
and i wont ask anything (for this time being) from you. 
serious lah, WHITESNAKE KOT!
to all people out there jom kita pegi stadium negara this 30th October
rock out peeps :)
*puppy eyes ^_______^

p/s: i got to do something for the ticket. saving some money or anything like that for instance? and one thing for sure, i will get the whitesnake shirt. that's a must. :)

Tuesday, September 6

i'm not the playmaker

hey peeps :)

okay, high expectations does make me feel stupid. seriously, i'm tired already. tired of hoping and believing in " i wish....". please give a break. please give me the chance to feel that 'you're the man'.sometimes i want you to tell me what to do, be the playmaker. i'm tired of being the psycho maniac person that tell you let's do this and that. 

sometimes i just don't know the right word to let you know whats written on my mind. 

Monday, September 5

check in :)

it's 5.54pm and i'm checking in from ksj. thanks to broadband because you does make the blogging and all other stuff easier. no doubt. and just for a reminder, abah said "use the broadband for necessary purpose only" but i guess facebooking, blogging and tumblr-ing are quite "necessary stuff" sometimes. *duh

anyway, i got tonnnnnes of work and yes, i haven't done anything yet. but hey, i do read the questions but the solutions, emm that i'm worrying about. for you, your text does make me smiles. :)

purpose: baju raya dot dot.colorful. :)

Sunday, September 4

assalamualaikum everyone :)

"di kesempatan ini saya ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya dan maaf zahir batin kepada semua kawan-kawan dan semua andai ada terkasar bahasa, tersilap bicara, tak wish hari raya ( birthday sekali sebab im really bad with dates ), terpukul kat mana-mana, buat anda terasa or anyyyyything. di hari raya yang mulia ini, saya ingin memohon ampun dan diharapkan raya kali ini lebih bermakna dari yang sebelumnya, tulus ikhlas edura halim. "

raya story :) :
kampung raya: This year, cek beraya kat ayaq hitam, kedah. Yup, memang jauh perjalanan. tido, bangun, tido, tido, bangun pun tak sampai sampai. raya kali ni kurangggg sikit meriahnya sebab ramai cousin yang tak balik. masingmasing balik kampung wife and hubby masingmasing. yang tinggal kamikami anak dara and teruna je, plus yang masih belum tumbuh gigi.

duit raya: this part is the saddest part. okay, now kena terima hakikat umur nak masuk 20 tahun and susah nak dapat duit raya. duit dok habih ja, dapat duit dok pi berjalan satu aloq setaq nu. padan muka hang duya. belajaq sikit simpan duit. *duh

jalanjalan raya: tahun ni memang sikit pegi beraya. tak tau la sebab apa tapi semua macam penat ja bila nak pi jalan raya. end up, dok depan tv, tengok lagu raya. tapi masa puasa ada la pi padang besaq. hat ni cek tak tau laa, tapi dah jadi tradisi pi padang besaq bila balik raya kedah. plan tak mau pi, lastlast pi jugak. dapat la baju sehelai. haha. *tolong jangan boros

kuih raya and makanmakan raya: macam biasa la, raya kedah dapat makan mihun sup, laksa, ketupat palas, and mcd. err yang tu masuk jugak laa dalam list. tapi thanks to my beloved mum sebab buat kan lodeh and kuah  kacang for me. love u mum.

mercun and bunga api raya: meriam, nada' this year. tapi berani balinng mercun bola. lawan dengan team rumah depan. tapi mereka sangat kuang ajaq, baling sampai betoi betoi depan pintu  umah kami.

gambar raya: haa, yang ni let the picture do the talking :)

ni random je. ada lagi tapi dalam camera lagi satu. and i ada pakwe baru. tadaa! :)

 edura halim is in relationship with amshar zidane :)
p/s: die teramaatttt laa cute. itu je.

sory post berterabur. :)

love, duya <3