Monday, October 31

ular putih

assalamualaikum :)

how y'all doin'?

in my previous post, i've told you about WHITESNAKE coming to Malaysia right? and seriously it was,


like seriously cool gilaah. :)

the venue was at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. i remembered the last time i've been there was when Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan for the, i don't remember the match.i wore a deep purple t-shirt (since the vocalist David Coverdale was the ex singer for Deep Purple, so it was okay i think :) ) and abah wore Led Zeppellin t-shirt. so it was kinda weird because we are going to Whitesnake concert. macam salah band je kan. but guess what? i bought 2 Whitesnake t-shirt. at last! nasib ada jual dekat luar stadium. 

okay so for the first 30 min, Ella performed some of her song for the opening. and the concert started at 9pm and it was super outstanding! i was about to cry when the i saw them on stage. haha. okay drama queen kan. but seriously i can't believed my eyes because ye lah before ni dapat tengok dalam cd and you tube je. best gila.

the audiences was fantastic and the songs was, mann cool habis! especially when they sang Is This Love, Here I Go Again, Give Me All Your Love Tonight and their new songs from new album, Forevermore pun boleh tahan. try dengar okay. :)

we bought the free seating ticket it was okay. memang la free standing dekat rockzone tu best but macam penat je nak berdiri lamalama. hehe. but cool. 

sadly, camera tak boleh bawak masuk so all the photos are in my phone but i can't find my adapter so photos akan diupdate kemudian. 

p/s: guess what? i saw Yuna with her Dad i think and her *winkwink dekat sana. shes adorable :)

satu  je photo from facebook abah. 
the others will be uploaded later.
love, duya <3

Saturday, October 29

improvement or consistency?

assalamualaikum :)

my happy, cheery happy face bila main lampu led
credits to elisa halim :)

which one is better?
improvement or consistency?
yes, senarai tampal dah keluar and alhamdulillah. i'm thankful for that Allah. :)
okay maybe tengok tajuk entry dah tau nak comment pasal results but actually im not specifically gonna say about that, but wider view. because improvement and consistency are something that we're gonna face in our lives kan?

for me i believe in improvement. why? because when someone goes from here to here ( tangan tengah buat dri paras perut sampai hidung ), they learnt something from their mistakes. and that is what we should do. learn what is not right and improve kan. they do put some tough effort to be better and achieve what they want. so its a good thing. :)

but i'm not sayin' that consistency is bad. people who always achieve want they want in life, alhamdulillah. rezeki masingmasing kan. that do show that they also put hard attempt to maintain what they have and always wanna be beyond their capabilty.

conclusion, duadua benar. 

so people who have the feeling that they can't get what they want, be where they want, achieve their dreams, hey you, dont make yourself a quitter. cause you're not. have faith okay. and for those who got everything, bear in mind karma sometimes can't be bitch real bad cause what goes up must comes down. so always work hard for better one.:)

i'm wanna share what i think with you guys and i also want to remind myself about this.
hope for the better.

Sunday, October 23


assalamualaikum :)

i'm home, alive and not really in a good condition ( flu, cough and sore throat * complete package). semester break. next tinggal lagi satu sem je then done! cepat kan?

to all my  beloved friends, nanti korang nak pegi praktikal dah. tsk tsk tsk! dear farah aishah and linda, gud luck for your life in your hometown. im sure gonna miss you guys nanti. take care and glad to have you guys in my life. hope we'll meet again soon okay? to hazwanie nordin, suhaila and astina, you guys kat college lagi and see you guys soon. thanks for all the memories and hope every moments that we had together will remains in our heart for the rest of our lives. :)

actually i already put together my storyline for today's post but i guess i've forgot about it. yes, thank you to all the semutsemut for swimming happily in my drink and yes im sorry i've swallowed you together with my drinks and yes, thank you sebab korang i dah jadi pelupa sekarang.

i'll get back to guys soon. thank you for reading. :)

duya <3

Wednesday, October 19

i don't how to express with words

assalamualaikum :)

first of all, just wanna let you guys know that celcom really make me PISSED OFF! okay i don't know if somethings wrong with my phone or the line or anything but i have to resend my text for like 5 TIMES! i don't if i'm the only one who had this problems. please, be good to me before i split my simcard into two. *geram

actually post hari ni nak cerita pasal emmm... errrrrr.. hmmmmmm okay baca la sampai habes kalau nak tau. :)

okay dah tengok? and i would like to say something about it. dalam facebook sedang hangat diperkatakan pasal issue ni and same goes to some my friend's blog. the video is about a girl that been hit by a van and passers or i would rather called them animal "not human" * sory kalau harsh but that is what i think, that don't really have the human instinct to do something about it. seriouslahh weh? what are you guys exactly? 

a. the van driver. are you blind? or you thought it was fun to hit someone like that. correction. its a little kid, man! 
b. the passers. including the motorist the and all the guys yang jalan-jalan kat situ. korang tak nampak or buat-buat tak nampak? oh yes, ke korang ingat tu anak kucing yang kena langgar hah?
c. the dad with the boy in yellow shirt. you guys both looked at the little girl and just walked away? hello, you do taught your son some 'good' moral values there. 
d. the old lady. thank you. thats all i can say.

i've heard lots of comments, reviews and others about this video. bukan niat nak menambahkan lagi commentcomment yang dah ada cuma nak suarakan apa yang ada dalam hati ni. i'm sorry if it is kinda emotional but i just can't help it. sebak tengok video ni and i pray to Allah semoga perkara macam ni tak berlaku kat mana-mana pun dalam dunia ni. amin.

okay stop.  so what i really wanna say on this post is:

"to my dear friends, [AB, HR, BS, B], i know we've kinda far away sekarang kan. 
less gossiping together, hanging out, karaoke-ing bowling or whatever. i know we're the one who
said who refuse to out with you guys but bottom line is its not that i don't wanna
have fun with you guys but the time have been really jealous of me. i do 
wanna hang out and i missed our time together * i do mean it. 
so i'm really sorry if you guys terasa or amik hati and hope kita still bole lepak 
sekali nanti. i'm looking forward to that.

p/s: if you guys read this, just know that i mean it. and for you AJ, imysm. :)

Thursday, October 13

earth song

assalamualaikum :)

are you a big fans of M.J ( Micheal Jackson ) ? if you are one the die-hard fans, you must have heard a song called the 'earth song'. its not a really a metaphor about something or a love song that related to earth, but it is an 'earth' song. okay laa, tajuk pun dah nampak pasal our bumi kan?

i remember the first time i listened to this song and watched its video, when i was like 12 years old i think. And i still remember my face expression at that time. its was like this, mouth opened, jaw dropping and lisa came and ask me for something an i didn't even move a muscles and then suddenly a fly flew right down my throat then gulp! i swallowed it. okay kidding. yang betul sampai part lisa tu je. 

okay like seriously. it was a heartbreaking song and i was touched by it. i think the message that he want us, the humankind, to feel and aware does make me thought of something.the first thing that popped up in my mind when i heard this song was,

oh emm jayyy. what have i done? 
am i that bad?
does all the comfort that i have today really effect the world that way?
i eat my mcdonald's burger and they have to suffer from hunger?
does all the animal in the kingdom really been treated like that?
if nanti bumi dah takde, where im gonna live?
naah! i do love our planet.
its not drama. its true.
guilty gilaa kot.

i wasn't trying to lie but yes, i cried when i watch this video recently. i feel bad. to the world, to the people, to our human race. kadang-kadang simple things tu la yang boleh ubah dunia kan. 

now our earth is in pain. real pain. earthquake, rising of the sea level, extinction of animals, global warming, pollution, you name it. i wanna have better life and i'm sure so do you. so we have to always remind ourself and others, avoid doing silly action like,

a. throwing off papers that only have simple mistakes on it for instance, you spell 'iphon' with missing 'e'. correct it with liquid paper or anything. kan tak membazir. *yes duya, you too.
b. leave your lights and fan on when you're not present at the moment. me, sometimes did this. and i'm sorry earth! i won't hurt you lagi.
c. take a bus or train to go somewhere instead of driving when you're alone. kalau ramairamai share satu kereta lagi bagus.
and many more.:)

so peeps, lets play our role in saving our earth! love it than it will love you back. 
do your thang' girl!
ingat kalau seorang yang cuba save our planet, kalau satu dunia?
sayangi lah bumi kita. :)

Friday, October 7

pink is lovely

assalamualaikum :)

i've been blogwalking since this afternoon. lama kan? panas dah kerusi ni. seriously it was fun reading others stories, how they think about something. cool! *especially maria elena because i think she is super-awesome. bukan gediks tapi awesome! way to go kak maria :)

i should probably starting to sneak  a peek at tax and contracts ( we don't exactly learn this subject in english, in malay it is called kontrak dan taksiran, but i think its pretty cool to pronounce it in english  :) ), but yeah i'm stil 'that' zone. but i already tell myself something that sound like this , "okay duya, lepas habis blogging, and watch movies, facebook-ing, tumblr-ing, gossiping, texting, and all with the '-ing' in the back, you have to study okay!" see, its inspires me. :)

todays post, yeah nothing much but i wanna dedicate photo below to nabil ashraff since he bought me that little pink thing on my phone. he told me to snap a picture of my phone, upload it on facebook and tag him. motive? he said, he want people to know that he bought that for me. haha. okay laa, i tak masukkan dalam facebook but dalam blog pun okay kan? :) anyway thanks for that.

actually i've been searching for that rubber thing for your phone, i mean just like that, hot pink with that devil's horn, i mean like lama jugak kott. now baru jumpa. okay, actually its not really for galaxy ace, but it is for iPhone 3Gs. but thank God, it fits. so makna nya my phone lebih kurang iPhone jugak laa kan kan kan? nice lahh. :)

okay then i realized something. i do have lots of pink stuff. yes, i mean pink. like hot pink. but it don't comes with just pink, but also with the black. all my pink stuffs : rubber thingy for my phone, headphone ( like above photo), pencil case, the bling bling bedazzled on my calculator, my pencil tekan, my highlighter etc. but one thing that i don't have is pink top. yes, and i just noticed it. 

btw, thanks to Fyda Deon for that helpful tips on Nuffnamf. dang, now terasa noob gila. okay lahh, pathetic. bye.

love, duya <3

Wednesday, October 5


assalamualaikum. :)

now, i feel like a tonnes of stones, elephants, trucks, klcc on my head has finally gone. and yes, for a moment. say goodbye to the most killer subject for this semester, design of structure and steel. dengar pun macam takut. i thought i have to reward myself for being so committed in studying for the past few days. yes, i have to reward myself with something. dear AJ lets go for some mcdonalds coke. i know there is no different with the coke at koop or anywhere, but its mcdonald. :)

alright. so heres the thing. i've heard the some of the latest news from the newspaper and it really breaking my heart to hear about baby dumping. yes, baby dumping. in malay, 'pembuangan bayi'. its not like baby chicken ke, baby cat ke, or baby buaya ke. its a human baby! dengar tajuk pun dah tau awful gila kan. seriously, i dont know how to give a word to describe the person whoever commit this crime. i would say a 'crime' because you just took the baby's right to live. they are not only regarded as a sin, but may also be a punishable crime.

i'm not sure the exact date, but i've read the newspaper about a 19-years-old girl giving birth at her home (flats) in Selayang (dang, why it has to be Selayang.), about 4am if im not mistaken, and throw the baby off the window from level 2.

and i was like seriously?
you just throw your little baby off the window?
or push it down the toilet bowl?
or just throw it off in any random rivers?
or even throw it in the garbage together with all the waste and rubbish?
how could you do that?
its just insane.

the question is? you have the heart to do that to your little baby? little human that you've been carrying inside your tummy for nine month? give birth for like 5 minutes 'puff' then that's it? maybe everybody would say, that maybe you're in the zone of not-knowing what to do and you can't keep your head straight and keep thinking about 'what if'? easy step, get rid of the baby and settled. yes, you're a genius!

some married couples are dying to have a baby of their own, some of them have to wait for too long to get  a baby. okay, back to the beginning. why do you even make it in the first place? yes, some of us are a teenager that have the desire to try something new or else can't resist the urge of the feeling to be loved. i'm a teenager myself and i'll always pray to Allah to guide me and  give me the endurance from doing anything that i will regret someday. but i just can't bear to see some of the girls that are not even the victim of any sex-abuse or anything like it, but they just offer all the 'adult thing' by themselves for their own satisfaction. and better yet, some of them are school student! that is freaking insane.

okay la, kalau asyik nak tunding jari kat orang problem takkan selesai kan. maybe some girls have their own reason or some bad thoughts in their mind when something like this happened. you know, regret, helpless, being stranded, deceived by false promises, what if their parent knows, their future. they don't even know what to do, how to deal with it, the person they can tell. and eventually choose to abandon their babies.

nasi kadang-kadang jadi bubur jugak. maybe we make mistakes and we wish we can turn back time and hope that it would never happened. but the impact of our mistakes, like the birth of  a baby, we shouldn't take easy on that. give her/him to somebody willing to take them. kalau tak pun call talian nur tu and let them help you. don't make some stupid decision like abandon your own child. there is always a solution for every problems. think wisely. jangan tambah la kita nak tambah dosa lagi dengan membunuh pulak.even if the baby is dead during the birth, just don't do something silly like throw it off anywhere you like. anyhow, he/she still a human being.

okay, sory kalau banyak merepek. i'm not really good in writing. bye :)

love, duya <3

Saturday, October 1

kita tak nampak

Ada sorang perempuan.. Umur 15 tahun.. Bawa anaknya yg umur setahun jalan di pasaraya.." -Orang kata dia tue perempuan hina.. Tak suci.. Tak malu.. Tapi takda orang taw.. Dia dirogol masa dia umur 13 tahun.. "Ada sorang lelaki.. Dia sangat² gemuk.." -Orang kata dia tue tak taw jaga diri.. Tapi takda orang taw.. Dia ada penyakit.. Makan tak makan.. Tiap² hari berat badan naik.. "Ada sorang orang tua.. Mata dia buta.. Telinganya takda.." -Orang kata dia tue hodoh.. Sangat² hodoh.. Tapi takda orang taw.. Dia tue askar.. Hilang mata & telinga waktu mempertahankan negaranya.. "Banyak benda dalam dunia nie.. Kita nampak.. Tak bermakna Kita taw segala²nya.."


source, from one  of my friends on facebook.