Thursday, January 26


assalamualaikum :)

that is me.
yeah, the girl in the above photo. it's me.
okay, i'd lied.
but, but, i do feel the same way she feel.
today was, a big zero.
here goes the story.
i woke up at 9 am. brushed my teeth, tied my hair into ponytail, take my purse and car key.
bought the nasi lemak and some 'kueh' for breakfast (since my cousins were here and please ignore the part where i didn't mentioned about i didn't take a bath first. )
then i had my breakfast, and i asked my cousin when he wanted to paint all the pagar and stuff
( my dad asked me and my cousins to paint the rain gutter, our fences outside and the wall at the porch)
wait, i got  a text from AJ and he told me that he had a fever and i said to him to take some rest and i don't know..
so, i drag my ass off to kedai abang ajis ( it's a hardware store) and bought all the paint and brushes. unfortunately, they didn't have the weathershield paint that i was looking for. then make a U-turn to another hardware store ( unfortunately again, it was closed since the owner is a Chinese, still on holiday i assumed)
then, went to another hardware store near the my house (dang tak perasan masa on the way nak pegi tadi bukak ke tak, kalau tau bukak tak payah susahsusah pegi dua tiga kedai, one word, bad luck lahh :( )
then, after i got all the things that i wanted, drove back home then we started painting. i think from 10.30 until 1pm. hah, tak gelap pulak kulit. dang again.
okay, i got something to say here.
i can't stand heat and tiredness.
you got what i'm sayin'?
emm, for example, kawad kaki. okay, i do love to march with all my teammates, and share the victory together but seriously, i just can't stand the sun and sweating all over my body, and feeling exhausted. 
i just can't .
there was a time during my NS, we had to march for some event and it was like, forever.
i didn't even know what are they talking about and i can't even remember.
then, i felt tears running down my cheeks.
i cried for crying out loud
and guess what?
i was sobbing!
but i still stood still.
my friend asked me " kau okay tak? Nape weh?"
all i could do was, tahan and sabar je lahh kan.
the end.
naah, not yet. back to the story about my life today.
after we had finished our chores to paint all that stuff, my mum called me to pick up naim at his school since he got to go to school today. so i rushed upstairs, take a bath then rushed to naim shcool since my mum said that he will be waiting outside his school around 1.30pm. after a reached in front of his school. i didn't see anyone there are naim called me and said that he was already at home.
pffffttt, serious lahh??
seriously, i felt like i want to someone ALIVE.
i repeat, ALIVE!
then, i drove back home, feeling like a zombi and i only got rm10 in my purse at that time and guess what.
i bought 3kg of 'pulasan' ( for those who don't know what pulasan is, it's a fruit, macam rambutan jugak lahh but kulit die keras sikit and kena pulas kulit die untuk dapat kan isi )
3 kg for rm10
then i pulled my car over and ate half o the pulasan alone.
baru puas. :)
and it does felt good you know.
and now, my day haven't been really good you know,
i got ulcer in my mouth and i found out my "f" on my keyboard is stuck. it's not really stuck but kinda.
you know what i mean.

so little 'good luck' angel, please come to me and surprise me with your magic. i do need it.

its a long post and thank you for reading. :)

Wednesday, January 4

nama saya

assalamualaikum :)

It's been quite sometimes kan. i'm not dumping you my dear blog, just lots of assignments, tests
all the stuff. hectic sikit. facebook, you too okay,
this is final year or better yet final semester for Diploma. boohoo cepat nyaaa. now is 2012
and i'm gonna turn 21 this year. hah cepat sangat kan? boleh mengundi dah ni. and dah boleh kahwin dah.
*wink wink
so this semester the final project is kinda big thing for me for one reason. susah okay! but mana 
ada benda senang kan kalau nak dapat A. so again, hectic.
as you all know, my name is NUR EDURA BINTI ABDUL HALIM.
okay lahh, abdul halim mesti biasa dengar kan?
first time or you ever heard of that name before?
many people told me that my name is 'pelik'.
but i don't think so. okay lahh, maybe i've been living with that name for my entire that
is why i don't see it as pelik. people say that my name is kinda rare.
it is?
and i don't know what edura means. but i do know that nur is cahaya.
i do asked my mum about my name, how she get that name and what is that means
but i can't remember it.
i'll tell you later after i ask my mum AGAIN alright.
so back to the top, when i was little, other kids asked me,
" sape nama?"
then i said, 
"nama Nur Edura."
then he said,
" wahh, nice name. tak pernah dengar lahh"
he smiled.
haha. okay stop right there. the last part tu tipu je. bukan jatuh cinta pandang pertama pun dengan dia okay.
okay, i've also asked some of my friends
 " Korang pernah tak dengar nama aku sebelum ni?"
they said,
"tak pernah lahh. ni first time".
before ni nama Adura or Idura pernah dengar la but Edura belum lagi. there was a time when i register for my Diploma in UTM, on the registration day, there was a lady ask me my name because she want to
write it on some form, then when i said my name, she said " Sedapnya nama, boleh buat nama anak nanti ni."
i just smiled. haha. tak tau nak buat apa. puji la tu kan?
okay lahh, the thing is emmm i don't know what the thing is. kidding. the thing is i'm blessed for my name. thank you to abah and mama sebab bagi nama ni. :)
wait, fyi, the right way to pronounce my name "-idura". even it is spelled with an 'e' but you have to pronounce it like you pronounce an 'i'. hihi. i'm just sayinnnnnnn'. :)

toodles! :)