Wednesday, November 30

Wednesday with words :)

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera :)

it's Wednesday and i am not going to post any "Wordless Wednesday". today's Wednesday is going to be Wednesday with words. huhh?
okay, stop.

semalam berkaraoke-ing dengan akim, memek, bubu, din, wani and suhaila. guess what? dekat Redbox Sogo okayy. wootwoot.. darn, i'm lame kan? orang lain dah berabad dah karaoke kat sana and aku baru nak jejak kaki. biasa la selama ni karaoke nak save je kan, so pegi la yang dekatdekat je. 
one word.
okay tapi tetap lame sebab baru jejak kaki. damn.
but anyway, talent tetap kena tunjuk kan. now baru nampak, rupanya semua ada bakat nak nyanyi tuu. 
seriously, terpegun. haha. tapi memang best. lain kali kita karoks 6 jam pulak lahh.:)
i'm still in the middle of finishing my UCAS requirement. guess that buat essay dah tak semudah macam sekolah menengah dulu. otak dah berkarat dah dengan word yang tinggitinggi ni. 
bottom line, kurang membaca. tu je punca. duya, gotta do something huh?
by the way, i do believe in Law of Attractions. seriously it works. 
yang penting usaha dan doa.

p/s: bahasa Melayu :)

Saturday, November 26

it's sunday and i'm talking craps

assalamualaikum :)

today is Sunday and first weekend for my final semester (bila dah first week konfrim la tak belajar sangat on the first week kan). and guess what? i'm alone in my room all by myself. Jia and As went for some shoppingshopping time at Mid Valley and walkingwalking at Pasar Seni. 

Anonymous: Kenapa tak balik? Kan cuti lama.
Me: My family semua balik Kedah and now they are on their way to Padang Besar. 
Nooo!!! * jealous much okay :(

okay laah stop for all that crappy sad thing. at least AJ ada. fuuhh, relieve! If not i'm gonna be dying and rotting here. Oh yess, i got things to do. Gotta finished all the UCAS requirement thing. *sigh. Idea, please come to me. i'll treat you right.
Now i got tonnes of wishlist. Yeah, a looott. But there ain't things that doesn't use money. But the things that im really craving for is, EAT! not regular nasi with ikan keli sambal and kentang. but something new and extraordinary. cewahh. kalau lah bole masak dalam tv tu, nak masuk dalam channel food network channel and makan semua yangg ada dalam tu. haha and i can gain weight right?
and yes, i have to gain weight because if not, i have high chances to "you can't donate blood" next week. 
ohh, to all UTM students you can donate some of your love and be open-hearted to donate some of your blood:
Date: 29 and 30 November 2011
Time: 9 am
Venue: Dewan Besar, Campus

"donate blood, donate love"

okay lahh, merepek sangat and thank you for reading.

Saturday, November 19

Monday, November 14

i'm officially 20!


nice date huh? :)
maybe its kinda late to talk about this remarkable date
but who cares?

since it was friday, ramai pasangan nikah pada tarikh ni
ye lahh, nanti anniversary pun senang nak ingat
cantik pulak kan :)

and one more miraculous thing on earth
the born of a new life
bertuah babybaby yang lahir on this date
cantik tarikh birthday
and mesti number IC pun nanti senang nak ingat

as for me,
yeay, i'm officially 20!
goodbye -teen, welcome -ty
paham tak apa tu? :)
 happy birthday to me!

personally, i've been waiting for this date for quite too long
ye lah, taraikh cantik, umur pun nak masuk 20 kan
but sadly, tade celebration as i planned
everybody busy sebab ada ijane sister's wedding
by the way congratulations kak ijat with her hubby
wish you happy life
and i wanna thanked everybody for the birthday wishes on facebook, text messages, phone calls
thank you
wish you guys happy life
sorry kalau ada yang terlupa nak wish masa birthday korang
seriously, i'm bad with dates.
the thing is i'm grateful to be given this chances to live and have happy life
thank you Allah
i pray for your guidance to lead me towards better life, better future and better 'me'

p/s: i'm freaking tired today since i painted some walls inside our house (including ady's room) and went for bowling earlier tonight for B graded league (since abah went to kampong kedah to visit tok wan), i'm his replacement and guess what? i'm pretty impress with my score tonight. alhamdulillah it was good. we won for tonight game. hah? calculate the total energy used by my hand for today's activities. kalau ikut bar battery handphone dah ringring kena charge dah ni. hehe. so before i doze off to dreamland, i just wanna blow the candles of my fantasies birthday cake, and make a wish. *close my eyes and pray

love , duya <3

Wednesday, November 9


i have to be strong
and you too

Monday, November 7


tak jawab dosa, kalau jawab sayang :)

kepada keluarga, rakan-rakan dan
seluruh umat Islam

today's post: random photos on 6/11/2011
from kuala pilah with love <3

today's shout out : my dear Farah Aishah Sweet 20th Birthday :)
okay yang word tu colour purple sebab dia suka colour purple
semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki
jodoh dipanjangkan dengan ****
i just wanna say thank you for being one of my closest friends and my totally fabulous roomate
awak memang sangat cantik and hope you won't forget me okay
L.I nanti elok-elok and ada rezeki kita jumpa okay
love you. miss you babe
ingat vintage okay :)

p/s: kami suka sangat vintage and gonna miss her :(

today's memo: blog kawan saya!
okay guys, i got my friend here
shes kinda new about this blog thing
saya promote blog anda :)
check it out okay.

today's story : new book new storyline
so i've been reading this book
it wani's so its kinda awesome story
about people and secret
yes, its true that we do share things an stuff with our bestfriend and so
but you're lying if you don't have any secrets that you only keep to yourself
something that you don't wanna anybody to know
even your mum or your closest friends
the only person that know everything?
you heart
its true. :)

okay bubye! :)

Tuesday, November 1


assalamualaikum :)

first of all
hello November!

to Fyda Deon, a very big Thank You for the tag. I really appreciated it. hehe. yeay, aku di tag! :)

so the tag is about 11. bla, bla, bla. okay duya, stop wasting time and get this party started! woot woot. :)

Rules and regulations :
  • post this rules!
  • write eleven things about yourself!
  • answer the question that the tagger have set for you!
  • create eleven new question for the people you have tagged to answer
  • Choose eleven blogger to be tagged and link then on the post

Done. :)

11 things about me:
  • Nur Edura Binti Abdul Halim *duya for short
  • Final year Diploma in Civil Engineering, UTM
  • Going to be 20 y/o soon.
  • date of birth 11.11.1991. guess what is my ic num, cool kan? hehe :)
  • big fans of coca cola
  • favorite colour : black! :)
  • dreaming to have my own ducati 848
  • movie-maniac
  • adore inspirational photos like all those on tumblr.
  • a bowler. my favourite sport.
  • i loveeeee to eat!!!!!!!!! :)
11 Questions from Fyda Deon :

1. Apa pandangan anda tentang blog fyda deon?
sangatt cutee! cool stories and it's good to hear what people think about something. :)

2. Beri 1 atau lebih, cadangan untuk blog fyda deon?

3. Apa maksud nama farida amira?
errm, i'm not really good at this but i think amira bermaksud puteri. if i'm not mistaken. haha sorry kalau salah. :)

4. Fyda Deon suka bowling atau karoke?
hrmm let me guess. bowling??

5. Apa pandangan anda bila first time jumpa Fyda? Sombong ke dia?
tak pernah jumpa in person lagi but i know your sister, edora * nama lebih kurang kan. anyway i think fyda friendly type of person sebab bagi explanation for me about nuffnang dulu. haha. noob kan. thank you anyway. :)
6. Sekarang pukul berapa?

7. Lagu apa yang anda suka dengar?
tade specific singer but mostly lagulagu from english band yang duludulu macam deep purple, whitesnake, bon jovi, aerosmith.

8. Adakah anda single atau sudah berpunya? hehe
taken. hehe. :)

9. Benda apa yang wajib korang bawa time nak keluar?
handphone, jam tangan, purse and duit. hehe

10. Shopping Mall mana paling best?
errm, for shopping i prefer times square and sungai wang. murahh! hehe

11. Real Steel best sangat ke?
sadly, tak tengok lagi. hehe. so tak dapat nak comment but tengok trailer macam best :)

11 new questions from edurahalim :

1. tarikh dan jam anda menaip post ini. :)
2. your favourite place in this whole world?
3. orang yang paling rapat dengan anda?
4. what is your blog all about? ( specific answer )
5. pendapat anda tentang blog edurahalim? hehe
6. single atau berpunya ? :)
7. your favourite all-times movie?
8. bila pegi shopping, apa barang yang anda paling excited nak tengok?
9. are you a food lover? favourite food?
10. celebrity favourite? tak kisah local or international. :)
11. kalau diberi peluang, apa yang anda nak sekarang?

11 orang bertuah yang ditag. :)
mimi azmi, hakim rahim, amirul baharuddin, zack ayman, nina mufid, zulaikha nasir, alya, mkay, atikah zin, nisa nisa, husna. 

p/s: sorry nama agak pelik sikit. but anyway selamat menjawab! :)