Friday, October 30

i'm done with algebra!

 td baru abes paper algebra. fuh! lega kot. so 3 more to go. cepat la abes. macam2 kot da plan nak buat. huhu. especially when it comes to the movies. can't wait to watch 2012 and jennifers the way love the shoes. in above pic. hehe.

the real thing is sebenarnya nk tidow jap before study group jap lagi. tapi tetibe wireless ok plak. aiyow. kacau la.. 
im shutting my eyes down right now!

baby are you down,down,down,down!

Tuesday, October 27

moto gp 2009!

oh my gosh.seems like there is a thousand of stories to tell. last weekend off to moto gp, sepang. got test the next day but what the hell?? the most important thing i've made it. lame gile kot dah plan mau pegi tengok moto gp tp x tengok2 jugak. got some pic up there. antara biker-wanna-be yang pegi adalah my dad of coz, my two little brothers, oon and his gurlfriend, bangchik, jan , beed, my classmate ari and me. so let me tell u guys the whole shit. 

pagi tu i've tried my best to persuade my parents so that they'll let ari come with us. so after all the "please let him come" scene then we're off.  so it was a really damn hot day. sampai2 kene tunggu beli tiket. the most awesome moment when u go to the moto gp is dat if u have the obsessions with bike either superbike or chopper or anything then u can see a lot ( i mean A LOT) of sweet ride there.oh god..memang gempak, happening and havoc giler kot. then biler tengok race for 1000cc lg la excited cam budak2. but rossi was in the 3rd place. but before tu hujan kejap and mood tu da hilang ckit kan. hahaha

after that ada mini concert. we got rod stewart, hujan, jinbara, nidji and many more. x la excited sangat tengok rod stewart tu cuz daripada 7 lagu die nyaniy satu pown x taw. so juz standing with ari feelin awkward. awkward?? * grin* ok then balik college aboud 8.30 pm camtu. penat cam nak mati tp kene jugak drag my ass off g study kat bwah cuz i've got hubungan etnik test the next day. only god knows how tired i am that day. but at least it was worth it rite? got the chance to watch the moto gp..

wednesday before tu me, yan, ben and ari. kami  g klcc tengok inglorious basterds. i dont know if i spell that rite. at first i thought it was a war movies. you know like the world war 2. but then i think it was a comedy type of movies. it was ok.. :)

so sekarng tengah final exam.. wish me luck. i dunno why but today i not feelin like a normal human being so that is why im writing all this crap like shit. i think my mind is like upside down rite now. so im really sorry for any inconvinient.

teardrops on my guitar!

Monday, October 12

miss you guys..


like people used to say 'a great thing comes with a great effort', rite?? so now im going to work my ass off so that i can buy the car of my dream as illustrated above. i think im in love. but i would rather like it in white. i mean it have that sophisticated, elegant, and and of course super duper cute looks. hope i'll get one for myself.

yesterday  i was off to saloma bistro for my dad's office hari raye celebration. it was quite worth it. i mean the food was ok and it was cozy with the band and all things. the most awesome part is we made a request for a song and for the band to sing. 'kenangan terindah'. oh gosh... it reminds me of the most precious memory in national service.i miss u guys a lot!!!!!!!! especially all the lapacrew. where are u guys??? i miss u guys like zillions much.. ama, ida, mkay, huda, zulfa, putri, ain, qila and of course our one and only cikgu wawa. wish i can turnback time hamg out with you guys again. huhu..

miss.. miss. miss..