Tuesday, November 30

'the six'

hello planet!
now, i'm in the middle of my room. alone. fara dah balik and gonna miss you a lot roomie! and fyi, i missed you already. i'll see you soon then for next semester. :(
still in exams mood but not really studying. technically, all the notes are here but duh, i'm blogging. notes, five more minutes please! :)
i've read your blog earlier. and it do make me a jerk huh? i don't know if all my guessing and my thoughts are right but i don't know. it just that there's a feeling that i have the idea what are you talking about. about the person you are referring to, what happened and everything. maybe i'm wrong but i guess the person you are referring to is a 'jerk' isn't she?
all i'm trying to say is maybe when you see shes smiling all the time, enjoying every bits of her time with her loved one, laughing with her bestfriends, you feel like she have her own life now. way different. but memories never fade. she do missed the old times with 'the six', studying for finals, snapping crazysome pictures, and all the things you've spent together with 'the six'. the D song, coke thing, A from the akademi. she still needs you as her friend. sometimes she do realize the tension between you and her everytime she came up to your tables to ask questions about bahan or aljabar o anything. not even a glance. you guys suppose to be 'the six' before but now everything seems to be different. no more gossiping and laugh between us now huh? i do believe that she does missed that moment..

Monday, November 15

long time crap

hello planet! <3
today is 16112010 and its 2.33 pm. the weather was okay i think. untuk para suri rumah yang sidai baju sempat la kering baju-baju anda tu.
i'm in the middle of holiday right now and as we know when you got home when ain't got nothing to do, oppss wait, you do got something to do, STUDYING, which i'm soooooo not in the mood to do 'that', you gonna scream like hell when you weigh yourself later plus with all the raya food, *yummy yummy*. then you gonna called your boyfriend and tell him that you're getting fatter and start asking everybody, " do you think im fat?" or something like " do you think my butt is getting bigger?" haa, think about it. got to do something something about it huh?

current: listening to whitesnake, ain't no love in the heart of the city. waiting for the text. where are you? ;( still facebook-ing and tumblr-ing ( current obsession ) :)

my current need: i want to go to the beach! please little miss fairy. make it real for me. i lived in selangor which i can say urban area. so it ain't got no beach here for crying out loud!and i'm craving to go there. paling dekat pun PD. can anyone tell me how am i going to convince my parent about going to the beach? just tell them " abah nak pakai kereta nak pegi PD?" its like asking a question with the answer on their faces. but thanks to tumblr coz theres a lott of cute photo of the beach and i love it. i can feel the wind if i were there. <3
for me, all the photo in tumblr does make my day. sometimes it does make me smile. no wonder i like to click the reblog thingy. -_- so here are some photo from tumblr that really caught me eyes. inspirational

ohh yeah,
i would love to wish all the muslim,

Tuesday, November 2

hari tu kan..

hello planet,  motherearth, peeps. :)
it's been a looooong time ehh. yeah, i'm still alive and in the 'hectic' zone lately. no offense. 

so here we go:
1. i'm in colloge now. studying. repeat. studying. 
2. final is jusst around the corner and i need to keep my head straight.
3. i eat A LOOOOTT!
4. mech. of materials is sooo much 'fun'!
5. got new obsession. addicted to tumblr. i'm no longer 'tumblur' and my finger keep clicking 'reblog'. man, please stay away from me! i have to study. do you here me?
5. i've been watching MINE by Taylor Swift like 452637 times. she is super duper cute! 
6. missing you! :(
7. hari tu nampak this chick bawak superbike and i was like, "woowww!". i wanna ride a ducati soo badly.
8. craving for chocolate cupbon. awak, bila nak balik ni? jom la teman.
9. orang kata dah kurus tapi rase macam makin naik je.
10. my mum gave me a necklace and it got a turtle on it. she said that its for the "save the turtle" campaign. and lets save them!
11. dah kurang minom coke. believe me. its hard.  but its a good thing kan.
12. i cried whan i watched The Last Song.
13. pegi UK education fair dekat klcc convention center, and it was really fun. got the courages to study harder. on the list. university of liverpool. insyaallah. :)
14. tahun nii tak pegi motogp. but dapat cap ducati from iki. thanks! :)
15. next, i'll update later!

duya <3