Wednesday, July 20

talking to the moon

hello sunshine :)
title for this entry doesn't have nothing to do with the stories. just something that bruno mars ask me to post. percaya tak?

analysis structure - cancel. yeayy. our lecturer, pn kamsiah, her arm got fractured yesterday and we all from 3DDA just wanna say get well soon puan!

tomorrow big date. and yet, i still haven't got any plans. help mee!!!!!

Tuesday, July 19


salam everybody. :)
luck. two related words that gonna pop out from your head, bad and good. and i'm having that both. isn't it a "yeayy" or " ohh nooo" ?

bad luck. i borrowed a book from library and to my surprise, i've lost it. aww, mann. first i thought the fine would be like rm30 something or a little bit more than that. but? i won't tell the exact amount but all can say is that the fine really make me felt like, i give someone a knife and ask them to " kill mee now!!!!!". you know what i'm sayin' huh? and yes, thats a bad luck.

p/s: anybody who found a book, title 'dare to forgive', with light blue cover, let me know asap alright. really begging for your concern.

good luck: 2 more days to be a year. and i haven't got any plan yet. wait wait. is that good or bad luck? okay, one word, whatever.

p/s: again. please help me out alright?? -___-

Friday, July 15

song of sorrow

date last entry dah lama kan. bukan tak nak update, tapi bila setiap kali tulis, dah tinggal nak click post je, wifi putus. yup, itu sangat seronok. jadi bukan salah jari yang menaip atau pun otak yang berfikir tapi wifi yang gila sngat baik. jangan fikir bukan-bukan okay.

facebook, youtube. everything got soo many things to share nowadays. too many issues. issues that make us think wiser. perhimpunan bersih, our college system etc. and yeah, it's all about life. ups and downs.

i've learn how to let things go and moving on. all i kept saying to myself is that nothing ever going to be the same forever. somethings gotta change and we have to live with it. i want to be stronger and  tougher young lady. being isolated by the human you trust, nahh, it's gonna turn out good if i let it go. i am myself. and i wanna be alive like the person i've been dreaming of. 

anger. fulfilling satisfaction. hatred. a word that can describe a man whom want to speak whats on his head but doesn't even have the chance to say a word, whom been sleeping then a few peoples came in and give them a warnings that you can't post anything on your wall and change anything in your bedroom, whom have the full desire to yell " you're turning into a someone else, good for you" to someone that broke your heart. 

and i'm that man.

as for you, thank you for staying.

love, duya.