Friday, February 17

Double Story

Kali ni ada dua story morry. Stay tuned okay! :)

Story 1 :Global Outreach Program
Greetings from Candi Borobudur, Jogjakarta.
Cuba cari I mana? hehe. Nampak tak?
Yang pakai spec hitam, no 3 dari kiri tu laa. :)
okay kidding, yang tu nama die Young. Dia from Korea and stay kat America but now ada macam summer program kat UNISULLA.
one word.
the people was super nice
the food was super good
the stuff was super cheap
and the weather was super hot *burn kulit I tawww.
Lots of places we've visited, and I admit that in my opinion, 
the first GOP ever for Diploma student in UTM International Campus was a success.
Pagipagi dah dapat breakfast lauk macam lunch, kuihkuih yang mostly kinda weird but tastes good after all, local people yang sangat polite and anggap tetamu itu sebagai berkat, learned how to speak Jawa  (mas dan mbak yang sangat ganteng. awww :) ), dapat makan Bakso Special and Es Teler originated from Jawa, visited all kind of cool places in Semarang, dapat beli bag yang at first harga Rp.80,000 and at last Rp.20,000 je, dapat pegi satu lagi of the Seven Wonders of the World, and mostly dapat layanan yang tip-top from UNISSULA and most importantly dapat kenal other students from different courses kat UTM ni. Ye lah before ni nama pun tak kenal, buat muka " rasa macam penah nampak tapi tak ingat nama" and macammacam lagi lahh. but now,  A big thank you for you guys. Korang memang best!
Betul lah kata pepatah, " Bersakitsakit dahulu, bersenangsenang kemudian".
Stage before nak pergi memang macammacam dugaan. Tapi bila dah sampai sana, everything was good.
Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih Allah. :)
Next destination in Indonesia, Bandung. :)

Story 2 : Ignorance
Last night me, Abah, and Mama, we had dinner at Niara. And there are many people though. Then, I ternampak dekat satu meja ni ada this little cute girl around 4 - 5 y/o and a lady (her mum I assumed) and another lady (older than the mum). I don't if they related like the mum's mum or her friend. I don't really know. So guess what? Sambil tengah tunggu makanan sampai and chitchatting, they SMOKED! I don't if it's not a big deal for some of you guys like "Laa nape nye? Standard la zaman sekarang smoked", but for me it is a BIG DEAL! You wanna know why I said so? Like seriously kalau kau nak smoked itu kau punya hal lahh, but seriously I felt pity to her daughter. She's only five for god's sake. Nak tau apa consequences from my point of view? 
1. You do know that smoking is bad for your health. And if you're not smoking, you have high possibilities to be infected with lungs problem etc. if you are exposed to surrounding that is packed with the smoke from the cigarette right? Tak kesian ke dekat your daughter? Kecikkecik dah bagi dia sedut asap rokok? Shes to little okay!
2. Is that what you wanna your kid to be like when they grow up? You're her mum kot. Kalau dari kecik dah tengok mummy dia smoked, so what do you expected? Shes too innocent for crying out loud.
3. What people are gonna say about you? Mak smoked depan anak? Like, seriously? 

okay, that is the difference between Ignorance and Stupidity. Stupidity, you know that it is wrong and you'd stop from doing it. Ignorance, you know that it is wrong and you keep doing because you don't give a damn pun. Spot the difference?

Okay. Peace yaww.