Saturday, August 15

i want ittttttttt.....

dooya: nina, pandang sini..
nina: no camera please...

guys from utm-kl bowling team..

me and the star of the day[go nina] ..

hye guys meet kiki..:]

naim baru lepas try colgate coolpax kat nsk.. haha.
shining.. hehe..

x de keje lepas game time siang.. credits to wani.. :]

we are the champion.. hehe.. gold okay..

hahaha.. tengok title buku tu btol2.. hehehe

kami duta colgate coolpax.. :]

gurls from 1 dda.. me, yan, qila, rabi and ayin. :]

hye guys.i'm home again. so i got some pic for all u guys up there.. so its kind of random arrangement.sory.. so im in a big dissapointment today. my dad already told me to get me laptop dis weekend but i guess there is a 'no'.. oh gosh. i want it really badly. i dont know how to ask him about it. i guess i have to wait huh?? i dont wanna talk about it. okay so let move on to happy times. so i juz made a 'kek batik' earlier tonite. i cant wait to have a taste. thannks to fara for the recipe. really appreciate it.. hehe.. so i guess that it for now. enjoy the picture will ya??? daaa.. :]

Wednesday, August 12

oh gosh.. i want dat hair... :]

kalau ad sume dresses ni, x yah pening2 pikir nak pakai baju ape untuk seminggu..
hahahaa.... :]

this is the reason why i love shoes sooooo much..
its toooo adorable.... :]

hye. tonite im going back to college and now im waiting for my cousin to pick me up. so i guess i got nothing better to do than writing again in my blog. so i juz download all the cute pic above and i realllyy love it. especially when it comes to the hair.. oohhhh my goshh.. i really love the hair.. wish i had hair like dat. hihi. so now i feel like i want to talk crap cuz i dunno wat to say.. [yas, please hurry up..] okay, tonite i had roti canai for my dinner.. aiyow mlm2 makan roti canai ntah pape ntah.. so while watching the mamak throw the roti canai in the air and spin it a few times, a thought came right through my mind. im a grown up now... i have responsibilities to my dad, my mum, my siblings, and everybody around me. i dunno where the thought come from. but thats the truth rite?? i have to act like an adult and be the role model to my sis and bros. sometimes that juz how life works.we as the human being have to learn to face the challenges and learn how to be a better person. i do admit sometimes we do some mistakes that probably can change our life but thats how we know the solution to make everything right. i juz hope that we can survive in anything that come right in front of us.
i think dats all for the crap.. hehe.. see ya later.. :] .kikialwezheartjojo.

Tuesday, August 11

home on wednesday?????

hye guys meet me and yan.. my coursemate.. [yan, gmbar ko msuk blog aku.....] :]

ini my bowling teamates.. me, wani and nina..[ dat one on the right was the champion..]
jaaaahaaaattt..... :] hehe sory nina..

yg dua org guy kat tepi to senior and team bowling.. thanx to abg raja.. :]

after hubungan etnik klas.. waarrrrgghhh.. soooo sleepyy... :0

guess which one is mine??
hahaha.. kat dalam kedai adidas kat jusco..

im home.. on wednesday?? got some bad news. yesterday my mum came to my college and we went to carefour to grab a bite at burger king. so after we went back to my college my mum said that she need to go to the loo and i waited for her in the car. then all of sudden there was a girl, i think older than me came and tell me that my mum fell off. oh god.. i was shocked and ran straight to my mum and she said that she couldn't move her leg.. then somebody called for help then lifted her up and take her to the medical room. then the doctor said that its better to take my mum to the medical centre and i did. i drove to my aunt house in damansara and she take us to the nearest clinic. then we have to stay for a night in my aunt house coz she needs to do all this x ray and meet the orthopedic. then i drove back home and now here i am.. now shes alrite and i gotta be back to my college dis nite.. okay dats all for dat.. so i got u guys 'some' of the pic.. sory sikit jep.. hehe. yg len kat my phone lg 1. next time gonna upload it.. :] so gotta get out from here..