Monday, May 31

lethargic faces

today is tuesday
at istana negara
abah pegi jkr for some stuff
ini muka saya masa keja
sory abah banyak facebooking and blogging 
time ni webcam rase macam best
bla bla
when i look at this photo i realized that my haircut is
mama saloon jom!
heyy, i need to go out
but if you ain't got no money, then shut up
ohh ya, btw thanks nabil for a great lunch (at 5pm)
lepas ni kita hang out lagi ya plus gossiping
zatie, pinjam nabil jap ye nak gossip
gha, ijane, lisa
bile nak hang out ni?

Thursday, May 27

need you now

jojo, where have you been ehh?

semakin hari aku makin penat
dah tak larat
penat mencuba
bukan give up
tapi need my alone time
im sorry
bole tak be the one i can hold on to?

 FA thanks dear
you are the sweetest
it makes me miss you even more
you always there when i need you
thank you soo much
love you always darl!
miss you love you :)

Tuesday, May 25

royal highness

first of all i wanna say, THANK YOU ABAH. coz without you it ain't gonna my lucky.
today i had a day out with abah. not in kl o mid valley o sungai wang o anything like it. guess what? day out at istana negara. yee-haaww! okayy. maybe you guys would say 'ohh istana negara. no big deal. taking picture at the gate the that is. bla bla.' but heyy, i'm not taking picture with the guard and everything. me and my dad, inside the istana negara. syok weh. haha. i've never been in there before and never thought of going in there before. bukan just tengok sikit2 okayy. the whole istana. sampai atas bumbung lagi. damn it was awesome.

haa? pe die? cane bole masok?

okayy since my dad was the project manager for the reconstruction of the istana he asked me to help him with some stuff. typing and everything. duh. even im no good in excel. damn. but whatever. still can do the jod ehh. most of the time facebook. ala typical la kan. so then abah and one of his friends wanna go check out the site and of course la ikot. then coz today yang Dipertuan Agong takde so kami pon masuk dalam istana. one word weh. AWESOME. seriously. fulled with luxury and yellowish. dapat pusing satu istana and got the chance to check out all the rooms in there. then abah nak naik atas bumbung to see all the pipe thingy. again one word. AWESOME. once in a lifetime kot dapat naik bumbung istana. haha.

enjoy some photo. tengok ehh?

thats all for now. got lotsa work to do. im a clerk now. boo-yahh! :)

Saturday, May 22


idea untuk tulis panjang-panjang dah hilang. grrr. let see what i've got ehh.
wani, fayrod and nana. thanks for the cool friday. karoks and wayang kat wangsa walk mall. sory photo tak upload sini. facebook ya. guys,lain kali hang out lagi ehh. kentalion semua jom ramai2. rindu korang.


result dah kuar and alhamdulillah okayy even turun sikit. but thank god semua okayy. maybe banyak main-main sem ni so this is what i deserve huh. but anyway, to all my friends congratulation. kite stil ada sem 3 kan. lets work harder yeah.

okayy. have you ever thought about how perfect are you? like am i pretty enough? am i good? o watsoever? sometimes kite tau kekurangan kite but bile tengok orang lain cantik, orang lain pandai, orang lain smart, that's when that question will pop out in your mind huh. but heyy, takde sape perfect dalam dunia ni kan. bile kite tengok orang tu cantik, mesti lepas tu kite akan tengok diri kite balik. nak tengok apa yang die ada kite ada ke tak kan. orang pakai make up, kite pakai. orang buat ini, kita buat jugak. orang act macam ni, kite act macam ni jugak. kenape ehh?? nak kene ada ape yang orang lain ada. lepas tu mesti ingat sume orang yang cantik, yang pandai tu takde pape weakness. everything perfect for them.susah nak rase bersyukur dengan ape yang ada. susah nak rase yang maybe "i've got something that they don't have".  susah nak rase maybe diaorang pun ada kekurangan. semua sebab wujud istilah 'you're perfect but i'm not'. the thing is persoalan macam 'am i pretty?' its hard to answered coz EVERYONE is pretty and beautiful in their own ways. its gonna be more painful if we behave like someone that we're not. kalau seorang yang suke bercakap, then cakap banyak2. kalau suke main bola, then main bola. kalau suke nyanyi, then go and sing. jadi diri sendiri. and sometimes its the hardest things to do huh? don't try to be someone that we're not. and i am trying.

at last post yang panjang jugak. *grin*

can i ride a bull??

Thursday, May 20

girls day out!

to mama,
thank you soo much. sayang sama mama. u're the best mama. love you!

hari ini takde keje and aku rase lain. dah takde keje sibuk nak keje kan. pfft.
mama tak berape sihat ari ini so pegi amek die di ofis. then straight ke mid valley coz abah ajak lunch sama. guess what, lepas makan end up pegi shopping. haha. you rocked mama! rase nye lah memang perempuan and shoppping tak boleh pisah. setuju tak? coz bole buat orang yang sakit jadi tak sakit. especially kalau ada sale? kan.kan.kan.

thanks again mama. 
pegi mango. then? *winkwink*  

thanks mama. dah berape kali dah cakap?? :)

stil lost dengan tumBLUR. grrr.. 

aww, sweet!

Tuesday, May 18

law of atrraction

heyya there fellas,

hari ini belajar something new. yang berguna dalam hidup. okayy. listen up. percaya tak bila kita rase cam nak give up, tibe-tibe ada magic yang bole buat semua bende yang asyik tak jadi kepada jadi? seriously. da rase dah. semua ni jadi bile buat keje kat my backyard ada satu point rase baik masok dalam rumah. online lagi bagus kan. tapi bile thoughts tu datang je, semua keje jadi senang and cepat. betol. tak tipu. aku rase betol la apa abah selalu cakp pasal 'Law Of Attarction'. patot la abah nak dapat parking senang. the best part of the day, my chores hari ini dah siap. boo-yahh!

hari ini sign up for tumblr. okayy. someone kene tolong saya sebab saya tak reti pakai tumblr. lost. dengan technology hari ini, makin banyak social web sampai tak ingat username and password. banyak sangat. duhh. myspace dah lame tinggal since dah ada facebook. friendster dah lama tinggal sebab ada blog. lepas ni ape pulak. haisyy. 

jenguk2 my friends punye blog. this is what people these days do to keep in touch with others. suddenly i noticed that i'm not good with words. yeah i'm serious. tak tahu la macam mane bole wujud blog ni. selalunye blog untuk orang yang pandai tulis and banyak idea. tapi aku takde due2 tu. maybe i'm good in math math but not in words. suke bace blog orang coz kite bole tahu ape yang dieorang pikir and how they think about something. from many perspectives. and thats cool. kadang-kadang ade thoughts tapi tak tau macam mane nak tukar jadi words. difficult ehh??

peace out yeaww!

Monday, May 17

deep purple rocked!

dearest blogger,

okayy.setelah satu hari bertungkus lumus, at last tada! voila. new look for my blog. thanks to naim coz tolong pilih layout sambil messing up with my hair. layout baru, font baru and cerita baru.

ever heard of deep purple? coz if you fellas out there yang tak penah dengar, they rocked kat arena of stars genting malam ahad lepas. seriously. guitar, lighting and the band yang uuhhh-some! antara lagu yang buat kitaorang headbanging adalah :

perfect strangers
smoke on the water
highway star
blak night
sometimes i feel like screaming

try check out lagu dieorang coz memang best! me and abah, dengan semangat nye siap pakai band t-shirt lagi. even seat pon tak la berape depan sangat kan but enjoy mann! kalau ada rm1000 then baru bole cerita nak lompat2 depan stage tu. bole tahan ramai jugak malam tu and penoh jugak la arena of stars tu. memang most of the fans semuanya mereka yang umo about late 30 -40 la but stil jiwa muda beb. but what the hell? they rocked mann! lepas ni me and ady akan jadi salah sorang fans dieorg la. okayy seriously. to all people out there, pegi rock concert mesti masok salam list 100-things-to-do-i-before-you-die. coz memang worth millions of experiences. for me, dalam my list n013: pegi rock concert, dah tercapai. yee haaww!!


photo agak blur coz pakai handphone cam. ni la sebab nye nak nikon d6000. *winkwink*
hari ini banyak abes kan  mase dengan blogging. sorry my facebook. i dump you for this one whole day. jenguk2 my friends punye blog. shit. mine is suck. mature lagi laa plis. 

okayy i need a coke then im done!

Monday, May 10

mother's day shout out!

to my dearest mommy,
you are the greatest mommy in the whole planet
thanks for your:
  • love
  • care
  • patience
  • guidance
you are an awesome super cool mom
always gonna love you!
disebabkan obsession kepada guitar hero, guys meet my new lappy wallpaper. rock!
sabtu :
hangout dengan mama and ady and naim yang annoying di mid valley. okayy. masuk kedai roxy usha2 handbag and i need one laa. mama and abah?? *winkwink* 
then sambung lepak skali dengan abah di old town. hujan lebat but stil minom ice blended chocolate. what? i hate hot drinks. malam celebrate birthday qistina and mak long di rumah diaorang. aww, miss you sooo much ryann! damn lame tak jumpe. sape ryann?? ehemehem. lalala.. 

mother's day! bangun pagi bawak my bro due orang itu pegi minom di kedai mamak. then jumpe mama and abah pon tengah minom jugak. fuhh. dapat save duit. hehe..
naim: mama nak pegi mane lepas ni?
mama: nak pegi giant beli barang.. nak ikot ke??
abah: jom ikot. nak tak?
kami: nak nak!

then bile sampai rumah coz ari ni mother's day, i'm cooking babehh! yee haww.. mama kate ari ni tak nak makan nasi so mother's day special: sandwiches ala-ala subway gitu. presentation mengikut tgi fridays. setelah bertungkus lumus jadi chef, then tada! voila. bon appetite. sape nak meh datang umah ye. petang pegi tengok my sistaah kat hostel die. sory lisa you missed my homemade subway sandwiches. nanti i masak untuk u okay darl. bile kamu mau balik ni weh, rindu nih. malam pulak ikot abah menghabiskan masa di uptown gombak. one word. BORING! imagine okayy, dekat situ ada dalam 20 o 30 gerai macam tu je. kiteorang pusing situ lima kali in 10 minit. danau kota is better for god sake. then balik dalam masa tak sampai setengah jam. *duh*

today la duya. em serious dental problem. ouuchh. still in progress mengecat bilik. update soon okayy. 

Friday, May 7

i wanna be a rockstar! yeah

okayy. dengar sini. i'm addicted to GUITAR HERO and ROCKBAND! tak tau sejak bile nih. maybe sebab dalam my "100-things-to-do-before-i-die" ada tertulis: no37. bermain gitar lagu rock dengan pro nye. tapi disebabkan bakat yang tersangat lah kurang dalam muzik, guitar hero pon bole la. still tetap fun walaupun  game je. lol.
tapi paling tak fun adalah.. tada!

naim: yes. naim menang lagi. yahoo..
me: what ever naim.. pfftt..
naim: jom lawan lagi..
me: bring it on.. ( walaupon tau akan kalah lagi.. )
dengar sini semua. bukan tak reti main okay. tapi sebab naim main easy and me main hard o medium. and pakai GUITAR! okay.. dengar tak?? GUITAR for crying out loud. so mesti la amek mase nak practice kan.. *duh*  

dengan semangat nye, naim, you better watch out man! i'm gonna getcha'.. haha.. (gelak evil)
hari ini masih dalam progress mengecat bilik. memang penat fun weh. serious. bile dah siap baru korang rase segala penat lelah korang plus panjat tangga and muke kene cat korang berbaloi. pay off dude. tapi kene buat betol2 la kan. still dalam progress.. siap dalam mase terdekat.

deep purple concert next week. tengah dengar lagu2 hit dieorang so takde la blur nanti. smoke on the water best weh.. dengar2. okayy. itu aje.

entry hari ini dalam bahasa melayu. :)

Thursday, May 6


i painted my room
and its purple!

Saturday, May 1

another emotional entry

its simple

when a girl said she want to be alone,
that means she don't want to be alone
she want you there for her

when a girl said "aww, cute nye teddy ni"
that means she want you to buy that for her
so she can think of you everytime she look at it

when she ask you if you already eat o not,
that means she want you to ask her out
so she can spend her dinner time with you

when she said she got something to tell you
that means you are the person that she trust
she want you to be person she can hold on to

when she text you and said hye
that means she remember you
you're always in her heart even if shes busy

know her, feel her, understand her, be there for her
coz she want you to
be the person she can hold on to
thats all she ever wanted..