Tuesday, July 21

penat+ngantuk+banyak keje..

okay.. so sje abeskan mase jap kat sini smentara tggu my mates g toilet.. hahaha.. ari ni klas petang x de so lpak psz je dari tadi. hikhik.. wat pe?? study okay.. got lotsa work to do.. agak pening la sekarang.. aiyow.. so tu je la kot.. x sempat tulih bebanyak nih.. daa..


Friday, July 10

starbucks rawks.. heh.

waaaaa.. cedapnyer dpat starbucks sekarang. mau itu blended with chocolate chip with whipped cream. emmm. so good. finger lickin' good. heh. rite now i'm in the middle of 'no idea what to do' zone. as usual hiihi.. going to visit my sister later. i'm gonna drive.. how cool is dat?? :] okay so now i want to fill up my todays blog my freakin' blurbs. last nite i watched halloween movies. its kinda horror and scary movie aboud some boogeyman or psycopath. it really scary though. i admit it. juz kept thinking wat if boogeyman reallly exist?? he gonna kill us one by one wit his face covered wit mask of some kind of ghost.. oh gosh im scared. gonna scream my lungs out like a little kid. hehe.. so i got some task to do but not in the mood of wrting. hihi tapi tulis blog bley lak kan. date ngan pc ni lagi besh. hehe.. oppppss.. sory babe. hikhik. my heart accidentally in love wit a canon camera. not a digital camera but the camera like one of those photographers hve. arrrgghhhh. bosan.. still got no idea wat to do. stil thinking... and thinking... and thinking.. oh ya.. i'm in the middle of money shortage. help.. pocket money da abes. tu la beli bnde2 ntah pape lagi. pdan muker.. gotta go now. my sister waiting. heh.. kacau tol la.. ciao muahmuah.. ;]
.carlaptoptopshophandbagcamera... please be mine..