Thursday, April 29


currently craving for new handbag
then i'm gonna shut up

Sunday, April 25


today is monday
and its 1.39 pm
and i'm bored
couldn't get my hands off this keyboard
got the car but it couldn't work without money
am i right?

most of my friends still struggling for their final exam
good luck to all of my friends out there
all the best k.

now missing my mates even more
and nasi kukus
awww, lepas ni kena tuggu sem 3 baru dapat makan

kepada yang dalam gambar ni,
bila nak balik??
rindu ni weh..

Saturday, April 24

late night crap

to gha, 
its been an awesome moment being a camwhore with you babe
muka kau masok blog aku babe..

 p/s : dont ever use your webcam with your best mates
now in sea lion kolam memancing
believe me
its fun here
wireless here is like damn good
plus im having a teh o ais 
dont envy me
for now, i've got no plan for any job o anything
other than eat a lot and sleep for hours
i aint got nothing better to do
after turned into a zombie for the whole exam week
now i'm gonna turn into 
miss fatty that-is-the-reason-why-you-cant-eat-a-lot
miss all my mates
kau pon same lisa
now im trying to listen to deep puple
looking forward for the concert
i've got my own 100 wishlist to do before i die
and looking forward to make it all come to reality
think of something
dont you guys realize that we've grown up?
i mean gonna turn into a young lady soon right
not a hippy love to do crazy stuff kid anymore right
how fast time flies
now you are 'still' a teen 
study is the top priority
but then?
get a job
earn you own money
fall in love
get married
build a family
get old
thats how life work right?
gotta make it as alive as possible

drink a coke than you talk like me :)

Thursday, April 1

maryam kyrana

(p/s: mkay dont hate me coz i took this photo from your blog. haha..
didnt have any photo of NS in this lappy due to all those format thingy)
my dear mkay,
i miss you like zillion trillion much
glad to know you and have you in my life
wanna wish you all the best in life
semoga dipanjangkan umo and dimurahkan rezeki
missed the time when we done all the crazy stuff
makan burger tepi surau
cheered for bravo for every games
magi every weekend night 
gossiping and taking nap kat katil belakang
gotong royang dengan semangatnye untuk dapat phone
aww, missed the old days
kalau kite still kat camp lagi mkay, abes la ko
prank paling terbaek
what ever it is.. stay adorable ya..
miss you soo much
love ya:)