Wednesday, January 27


akhirnya test titas da lepas
memang lepas la beban 
now i can enjoy my fb and everything
but not for long
calculus waiting!
but for me and my mates no calculus tonight
i gotta admit that i like 'chocolate'
but there is no way i can approach
stalk dari jaoh seems to be the best way
for now i think
but thanks to technology
now i know where i can find what i'm looking for
by the way
can i be bella in eclipse?
two hot guys are dying for you
i'm into jacob
no offense
now i miss my little 'handsome boy' rayyan
can someone bring him over?


Tuesday, January 26

we are just human

awkward sikit ari ni
eventhough there is still a smile
but it doesn't mean like you mean it
maybe its just me je yang rase macam tu
i dont know
just let make it this way
no hard feeling okay??
i know you can't have all the things you want
unless you're a daughter of a king or anything
but stil sekaye mane pun tak semestinye happy kan?
must be impossible to get aaannyything we want
because we are just a normal human being right?
we've done all sort of good and bad things
but stil never learned from own mistakes
still living in our own la la land
can't even understand simple things ssometimes
got limits to certain thing

Monday, January 25


i miss this!

thank god!
akhirnya wifi kembali seperti biase setelah i dont know, 4 days
everybody turned into 'no-idea-what-to-do' freak for the past 4 days
dont worry guys
now you can enjoy your fb!
now im thinking of nasi kukus ayam berempah in front of our college
i can eat that thing for 5 days stairght
memamng terbaek nasi die..
for the last 4 days i've been here all along
tak balik rumah cuz i got three test in this week
so many unexpected going on
but i'll manage
but mostly happy things happened
and i'm grateful for that
hope for better tomorrow

now i'm 100% agree that none of us is perfect
if you got good grades doesn't mean that you are good enough
if you're beautiful it doesn't mean that you can be anybody that you want
there is must be at least a little thing that can make you think that you are not perfect
how can you be someone else while you can even recognize you own self?? 

i miss arrayyan like trillion much!
can someone bring him here please???

Wednesday, January 20



i'm happy
and everything is going well
i finally found what i've been looking for
and gotta admit that it do feels good
boleh tak nak senyum selebar2 nye sampai esok?
but still
harap yang besok akan lebih baik dari ari ni
sometimes everything going pretty well as we wish for
but still 
it doesn't always gonna be perfect
dan itu yang membuatkan life more challenging than we can ever think of 
wish that we are one of the character in fairytales
meet the prince charming
and lived happily ever after
but for now all i can ever think of is enjoying myself
because i'm happy
i'm thankful for that
don't worry guys
there's always be 'the moments'
where u feel like you're flying and
they make you head spin around 
there's always somebody for everybody

wait and see!

Saturday, January 16

i love subaru

today is subaru day out with my cuzies
pegi test drive sambil jadi camwhore for the whole
nikon best
wish i had one myself
so check out the ride
so now online di sealion kolam mancing
wifi die memang laju tahap gaban la
bole tengok youtube straight je
memang teebaek
tapi yang x terbaek nye next week ada test kimia
and tak study lagi
how cool is that?

gotta choose between fb and chemistry

Wednesday, January 13

something is missing

talking panda is here
facebooking, blogging and  ym 'ing'
im 100% sure yg tomorrow dalam klas mate sure ngntuk tahap babun gila
im soooo dead..
( wani esok tolong urut aku yek ) 

last tuesday night me and my classmates off to this PEMKA AGM thing
its kinda boooring
why, because events nye ucapan, ucapan and ucapan *duh*
thank god the food was awesome
nasi colour2 and ayam masak merah
yummy yummy
but having dinner at 10 pm is just not right
you know what i mean right?
cuz if you dont, try that and see what happen
so after all the shitty, we all turned into a camwhore sekejap
mentang2 la orang tak de and lighting kat tengah campus tu gempak
anyway, i wanna thanked linda for the eye makeover
love it like rael much

hottie alert!

what happen to my tounge?
kami camwhore tegar. haha.. cant deny it.

okai, saya mahu pakai high heels
tapi no confidence at all
i feel like a giant and tinggi yg melampau
nak pakai bright colours but no guts
that is why i prefer black and dark colours
cakap dengan penoh confidence
cakap dengan buddies pon segan
people used to say that you gotta do it your way
it doesn't matter what people say about you
but its kinda hard when others start to make a fun of you
 then there it is
you start to hide behind your own shadow
how pathetic is that?
damn it.
di mane confidence anda?
tolong beritahu saya!

Saturday, January 9

talking panda

awake at 4.36 am! cool!

Sunday, January 3

at last..

woah..its been a while.. at last my lappy is back. thank god. huh.. so now here i am, in my room, facebooking, myspacing and blogging. so ada macam2 citer untuk diceritakan. last week ad piala haji romli (its a bowling tournament, fyi ).. guess what im da champion of the night..haha. beyond my expectation actually. i mean the score. but im happy with that. tp kan that night memang havoc and happening giler kot. x penah2 sorak camtu, tetibe mane datang ntah suare sorak2 tu. penat jangan citer. but totally worth it.

now im looking forward nak tengok band slam and avatar.( avatar da lame da tayang tp x tengok2 lg.. i know pathetic isn't it?? ) but i dont know when. jom tengok ramai2. huhu.

ok got something to share. i have the addiction to karaoke. i dont know since when. i think since malam gi karoks kat selayang mall last week. memang best tahap giler. jom join karoks ramai2 jom..

so now da masok 2010. how fast is that? pejam celik pejam celik da masok 2010. and u guys realize that kite sume da makin tue? haha.. should be 'hell yeah' or 'oh no'?? huhu. but stil if we enjoy every second of our life to the max, u gonna find that life is beautiful. no offense. still learning and basically trying to figure out what im supposed to do in life. have the courages to decice whats best for myself and everybody else. and trying to bear in my mind that nothing can stop me from trying. so some of my resolution in 2010 would be : lose weight ( can't i? ), tak tidow dalam class, have my own note for every subject, dapat pointer tinggi, and enjoy my life as much as i can. hehe. sume memories in 2009 takkan lupe. ever.. 

happy new year to all u guys out there! may this year brings you a lot of happiness than before..