Sunday, February 28










just got back from linggi for uko camp. got so much to tell. all i can i say is it was fun and of coz damn tiring. typical thingy after camp huh. the part i hate the most is SUNBURN! aarrrggghhh hate it. nak tengok muke sendiri pon rase macam disaster je. so for all the what-so-ever cream i'm gonna put on, please work your magic on me. i'm begging you.. :(

so we're off on thursday evening about 2 pm or something and fulled with excitement huh? everything was okay i think. i mean rumah yang kami duduk btol2 dpan pantai and it was way cool. memang enjoy abes dudok tepi pantai. lame tak jumpe pantai kot. our uko on jumaat and sabtu so after we've done, we can do whatever we want. and of coz la most of us mandi laut. especially the guys. at night pulak. nothing much to do coz our house kinda far away from shop or any mini mart. but still malam2 kitaorang pegi lepak kat kedai ikan bakar. i think the only nearest yg ade. so we have to walk but bile da ramai2 tak rase sangat kan penat. eventhough air buah die tak sedap langsung but bile satu hari penat buat keje, hang out with mates and chill for a while might help..
last day sempat la mandi laut and guess what? i had muscle cramp all over my back and my arm. tu la show off berenang jaoh sangat.. padan muke kan. but i just loveee the beach. angin die memang thumbs up. it was very relaxing and awesome. tengok laut pon tak ngantuk. got the chance to hang out with.......... it was fun. hihi..
but everything must have both side. i  mean the good and the bad. the question? how can you tell when someone hate you? from the way they staring at you or the way they talk or they tell you in person? i bet theres a lot of way you can make sure. i mean aku ade buat salah kat kau ke? i'm wondering why..

so here i am back to my normal life. got lotsa work to do this week. i guess its gonna be a hell of a week huh. wish me luck. now i just kept thinking what should i do to make things right. i'm trying to be nice but i guess you hate me right now huh? i just wanna say i'm ssorry if i've done anything to you. didn't mean to hurt  you feeling. or anybody. just can we be as usuall?? can u do that for me??

Wednesday, February 24

thoughts of the day

i'm pissed off
some ppl would say "hell yeah, test cancel!"
but for me i would rather say "what the heck??"
i mean even though i'm not 100% ready for dynamics but stil rase beban 10 tan kat kepala and penat tau tak??
uuurrrgggghhh %$@#*&
dont tell me that i'm pathetic if i cry coz i want to ok
thanks coz making my life miserable!
tomorrow we're off to linggi for our uko project (we just love uko don't we??)
haven't pack anything yet
typical duya
sunburn and unbearable tiredness awaits.. yeay..
but i guess we gonna have much fun there huh??
i hope..
i mean theres something on mind that makes me think,
i mean which person are you when you mad or merajuk with someone?
do you talk to them and tell them what you feel?
or do you tarik muka masam and didn't talk to anyone for days?
or do you let it go and cool balik seprti biase?
or do you just buat tak tau and biar orang yang datang mintak maaf?
or any other suggestion??
think about it coz i'm pretty sure you will turn into someone you hate to be
and its hurt huh..
so you decide who you want to be when you stuck in that kind of matter.
coz u dont want to hurt anybody and to be hurt right??

Friday, February 12

mid sem ahead!

mid semester ahead! home today. semua da balik including my roomates.and all my friends except for yan cuz die kene repeat ukor. sbar ye yan.. i'm damn bored cuz tak tau nak buat ape since all my mates da balik. so i think online je la kot until my mum datang. best way to enjoy you boredom.

i've been thinking lately about who are you when you're mad or sad? i mean i'm sure you are not yourself  at some particular moment. you yell at someone eventhough they are your bestfriends. you cry eventhough cying is not you thing. you're not gonna talk for days. do anything alone. never thought about the 'sorry' gonna be a whole different person. right?

so checkout  a cool vid at youtube wonder baby nobody. haha.. cute seh.. awesome..

anyway got to go.. lunch at 4.30pm ngan yan jap.. out and maybe gonna update soon..


Thursday, February 11

what the heck

feel like freaking tired panda today. why? because me and my mates got to stay up late for calculus. i mean it just a quiz but still sume orang bersungguh2 study. the most damn part is kiteorg kene stdy banyak and the example isn't in the book. memang disaster. sampai satu point semua orang da tension cuz as for me kene cari solution online. then tibe wani cakap "weh, ak rase nak mencarut cuz pe yang kite penat2 pikir semua ad kat page whatsoever". and then i was like WHAT THE HELL!! kiteorang punye la pikir cam nak mati solution die siap search online lagi. then kami semua jerit untok menghilangkan rase tension yang teramat. haha.. pukol 4 pagi kot baru tido. da sakit2 tengkuk and pedih2 da mate dalam klas.thank god klas it cancel. thanks en.wan..

tonight i think i'm gonna turn into someone that i hate to be. i mean sometimes you gotta respect for what others think or want. maybe ada sebab yang kita tak tau kan. i hate fights in any way. i'm trying to avoid it eventhough sometimes it happens. dengan siblings pon stil gadoh lagi kan...

i can't help it. gotta shut my eyes down now..

Tuesday, February 9

evil one?

my day today started with late to class. i mean 30 minutes late. naseb baek lecturer tu x garang sangat. i was late due to bangun lambat (padan muka). and bangun lambat due to lack of good night sleep. and lack of good night sleep due to stay up late. and stay up late due to fb, ms and ym. the results of coz la tidow dlam class, got panda eyes and penat yang melampau2. so lepas ni gotta do something about it coz if i dont i'm gonna end up macam zombie kot.

today i'm stuck in the circumstances that i hate the most. again dumbfounded. i know i'm not that good in this kind of matter but at least i'm trying. gotta make things straight.. and i dont wanna be the evil one!

Monday, February 8

life is beautiful

i'm trying my best to love ukur right here. and today was a disaster since our terabas didn't turned out the way its supposed to be. can i have another word for penat but much more worst than that? and the worst part is air mate ni senang2 je meleleh bile penat and berjemur tengah2 panas and tension bile sume bende tak jadi. no wonder la time plkn dulu pon bole nanges dalam baris kan.

ada terbace huda zainal ali punye post and all i can say is mkay kite gang.. haha.. jeles much. shes already donate twice and i've never done any donation before. and i think i kinda agree with her cuz bile ade blood donation je mesti majoriti nye kaum hawa? nape ek? still wondering..

now im missing my besties even more. feels like haven't talk to them in years. maybe sume orang still busy ngan life masing2 and i have to respect that am i? then i feel like we are even more apart..

petang tadi ada terbace an interesting blurbs one of my friends in ms. i kept read it over and over again cuz i think the words is pretty beautiful. its something about how we should keep our life meaningful every second of our breathe cuz our life is short isn't it? and it kinda make me think think it is hell true cuz we every second we wasted is a moment of joy that we wont get back. so before your life is over do crazy stuff, goofin around as much as you can, laugh until your face hurt, enjoy your quality time with your family and friends. try something that beyond your expectation like go on a bungee jumping or anything like that. then you gonna realize how beautiful life are when you enjoy it to the max. try to stay out of your own shadow cuz  it wont worth a thing.

now i'm struggling with dynamics cuz its damn hard. i dint know if i can get through it though. wish me luck.. :)

Friday, February 5

gotta learn..

what a day
off to times square with my mates
woah gotta admit thaat is really damn tiring
kinda weird much
cuz kali ni kami yg pompuan plak yang x larat nak shopping
hero2 plak yag syok berjalan
wonder why
today i've learned something
i've never thought of dealing with teribble money shortage before
i mean sikit2 tu ada la
but you know what
bile kite da kene hidop sendiri, makan bayar sendiri, bayar everything sendiri
then baru appreciate nilai duit tu
i mean i'm not on scholar
so maybe its kinda hard for me you know
depending on my mum and my dad to pay all things up
sometimes its hard for me to ask my mum for some money
x nak susahkan mereka
but its not like i've never try to save some money
cuz  i've try 
i'm learning now!

Tuesday, February 2

love adam!

its been a while since my last update
got class tomorrow but here i am
can't sleep cuz its kinda hot tonight
last weekend off to iffat's birthday party
awesome, superb and da bomb..
dress code white and red
as for kid disney costumes 
guess what? me and nabil  won haji romli treasure hunt
beyond expectation actually
we won rm 30
but split 50-50 la
tapi overall memang terbaek party die
and not to forget,
have you guys seen adam lambert, for your entertainment
i think it is a cool video
especially the hair
oh god, love it
i gotta admit that he is super hottie
love the way he look, he dress
maybe for some people its really gross cuz hes a gay
but what the hell?
but theres a lot of homo out there and why we have to judge him
he has the voice and i think its better than being a slut like any other celebrity
man, its not cool judging people according to their appearence
but we gotta see their talent that the trying to expose
i love you adam!