Saturday, March 27


(P/S: im sorry coz its kinda late to post something like this but anyway
to my beloved abah,
i just wanna say i love you soo much 
and for me you are the greatest dad on this entire planet
thank you for everything
thank you for your love, your care, your patience
theres no other word that can show how much we love ya
semoga dipanjangkan umur and dimurahkan rezeki
we heart abah!
( 24 March 2010 )

to the most gila gila couzin,
okay i gotta admit that u are one of my fave person that i can talk to
maybe sometimes we have the same opinion
craziest opinion
so i wanna wish u all the best in life and dont be naughty2 okay
may all your dreams come true
love ya!
( 26 March 2010 )

great memories in our uko class
you've done a great job as our team leader
thanks b!
and wanna wish you all the best in life
and stay cute and adorable will ya??
go 1DDA!!
( 27 March 2010 )
its saturday and its a beautiful day.and i'm kinda stuck in 'no-idea-what-to-do' zone. so this is all i can come up with. study? later maybe coz soo not in the mood. started my day with a text from AJ. thanks AJ! you made my day. most of my mates already home by now coz study week ahead. but still FA and YN still here. im gonna be home by tomorrow.
last night mcdonalds night. spicy chicken mcdeluxe is the best. plus we watched pisau cukur. i think its a pretty awesome movie. the life of upper clique. never thought about that kinda life. aaron aziz is super duper hottie! no offense. check it out ya! oh my prada..
still trying to persuade my mum about driving a car for study week. she said "highly to be considered". and that means???
got the chance to check out some of my friends blog earlier today. haha.. gotta admit that mine is kinda sucks. gotta be more mature in writing.*duh* sometimes before i wanna write something i already got this whole idea what i want to write about. but then bile dah ada depan laptop?? kosong. sifar. zero. nada. obviously blank. that would be my biggest fear.. cehceh..
final fever again. focus duya! more study less facebook. thats what we aimed for. right guys??


Saturday, March 20

i'm drowning!

finally abes juga test mechanic dynamic. bubye beban 1000 kg kat atas kepala. kinda frust dengan mark test 1 coz i thought i've done my best. i dunno why but macam frust sangat. maybe coz i didnt get enough sleep, tired like @#$%&$, dapat ugly panda eye coz try nak paham dynamics ni. and i put too high expectation on it. and thats something we should learn fellas! try not to hope for something that beyond our limit. its good to dream something big and unexpected but still kene pikir pe akan jadi kalau kita tak dapat pe yang kite nak. suicide anyone??

im not coming home this weekend since got lots of test next week and keje banyak giler. owh man! i really need a break. sometimes rase memang penat yang teramat but nak buat macam mane kan. thats life. and final just around the corner. so you know how my life gonna look like huh?

i'm missing my mates sooo much right now. rase macam da jaoh je. juz feel like macam no more gossiping and laugh together, hang out, eat nasi kukus together, movie night. aww, how much i miss that. only thing that left is awkwardness.

suppose today pegi tengok REMEMBER ME dengan lisa but dynamic jeles dengan kitaorang. sorry lisa. petang ni keluar kita enjoy ye babe. 

yesterday dah ambik photo linggi and kem karisma from camera fifah. haha.. sumpah sweet memories. especially pegi linggi. rindu pantai. then photo kat karisma camp pon best. haha. even i hate camping but still best bile tengok balik gambar kan.
try upload kat fb but line macam..............

gonna update later. gonna meet all my "sweethearts"..

Tuesday, March 16

organizing myself

to - do - list!
1. attend titas forum.
2. working my ass off untuk test yang bertimbun.
3. facebook ++ ( i don't why kenape mesti ada dalam list ni..)
4. ready for IT test tomorrow.
5. sleep.
6. eat in regular order.
7. save money. still trying..

untuk yang selebihnya still figure things out..

Thursday, March 11

wishing you

to my dearest friend sara ( girl in yellow shirt above )
kamu sudah tua sara but still adorable like always
keep it up ya
may Allah bless you and wish you all the best in life
keep on rockin'!
sory coz takde gambar decent ngn kamu
got IT class tomorow at 8.30
thank god en.wan.. hehe
going home tomorrow
miss my home and everybody

petang tadi off pegi minom2 kat al ehsan sambil gossiping
kalau tak pikir nak kene pegi bayar duit t shirt klas
ntah2 bole sambung lagi
too many stories to tell
tomorrow gonna be grey
so hope to see match la esok
looking forward to watch REMEMBER ME
starring robert pattinson
tengok entry dalam blog memek macam best ja
jom pi tengok ramai2 weh

panda nak kene tido!

Wednesday, March 10

coffee ppuuuhhhhh- llliiiisssss

muke saya sekarang adalah seperti bende pelik diatas
i need a break
assignments and test menggunung macam gunung himalaya
muke semakin menyerupai panda coz of ugly eyebag
emosi bercampur baur
learning so many new things
trying to live my life to the fullest

Sunday, March 7

i've never done this before

fun but pretty damn tired. just got back from karisma camp yesterday. memaksa untuk update coz if i dont idea untuk menulis akan hilang.

on friday got dynamic test at 11 am and off for camp at 12. at first the camp should be at ulu yam.( baru ingat nak balik rumah.. huhu..) then the bus ntah cam mane bole melencong sampai bangi or kajang something. so baru tau the camp da tukar kat nur sungai merab kat sepang. never heard of it.
yeay! sunburn for two weeks in a row. but this time no sunblock. worst than before. i'm *happy*. so we've stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. so first day nothing much happened. according to them, kitaorang team yang paling awal sampai dalam sejarah. haha. thumbs up to us. 
this camp memang way different than yang penah pegi. i mean way cooler la. the way they try to give us task memang gempak abes la. ada three masked guy came in with a gun and stole our amanah bag then we're just doing nothing. plus there's a bomb.. ( i dunno la kalau mercun je..) haha. so the next day was hell.
i could tell you that i've never been sooooo tired like that in my entire 19 years life. sumpah penat gile nak mati. we've walked for 20km from 8 am to 10 pm. without water and food. sampai one point memang da tak tahan. too much sun, penat sangat2. too much bad words. haha. dont blame me for that. then to survive from dehydration kami minom air paip besi ( so bayangkan minom pepsi la.. ) with no phone and money. but all the games memang fun. but the walk paling disaster sekali since kena jalan bawah panas terik and paling tak tahan naik bukit turon bukit.petang pulak kene berhujan lebat and memang sejuk since pakai baju lengan pendek. so kami hug each other coz nak dapat haba. haha.. 
last day paling best coz since that i can feel that all the things i've been up to worth a million experiences. can't buy that. learned many new things. credits to all the crew especially the mc, abg aji.. u're rocked! so i would give 7 over 10 la..
now here i am. thank god today no class at all. so bole la rileks sepuas2  nye. hehe.. craving for big apple..
p/s: sory no photos for this post coz no phone allowed during the horrifying session.