Wednesday, June 24

3 more days..

So what do you guys think about my new blog??? for you information, im kinda new with all this blog thing.. call me a newbies.. hihi..i'm not an expert with all this writing thing bud i'll manage.. erm, so whatsup wit 3 more days huh?? so im going to further my studies in university of technology malaysia or in other word UTM.. in three more days im gonna be one of the students.. kinda excited and scared too.. dont know why.. maybe im not 100% ready to faces the life as a college students.. i know sooner or later i do have to face the changes in life from an adorable littlle girl to independent young women.. thats juz how life works, rite?? once you play barbie and dolls with all your friends and suddenly you become a teen who hang out wit their bestfriends and go shopping and know how to wear a makeup.. even i have no idea how it happen.. i had experienced the life in hostel during my school time and i do know the feelings when you had to be away from your family and friends.. trying to be independent and know how to manage myself without any other help.. its just the same thing when i got in to the national service.. but i do admit that due to all the situation i got stuck into had teached me the a part of how life works..
i got to know new great people, make friends with them, and of course new experienced that i can't even buy with money.. so when i know im going to deal with all this campus life its juz the same rite?? have a strong desire to persue what you really wanted in life then you gonna make it through..
like my mum always said " know your priorities in life and go for it".. i do love my parents and my family so much.. without them i'm nothing.. i know sometimes i've become so rebellious and naughty that they can't even stand.. but i'll try to be a better person.. i want to make them proud of me.. i believe in 'Law of Attaraction'.. like my dad always said when he want to park our car in the parking lot.. long story.. hihi.. so i'll try my best, best and best to deal my life changes when i further my studies in the university.. haha.. do pray for me will ya?? hehe..

for all my mates out there reach your DREAMS and make it REAL okay.. hehe.. last but not least,

Tuesday, June 23

Hye.. i'm edura but people used to call meDOOYA or dura or you can call me whatever u want.. i'm gonna turn 18 this year and its sound cool to me.. when u turn 18 there so much things u can do u know.. driving a car [ which i want really really badly right now.. hehe..] and even going into a club.. hehe.. but what i enjoy the most of coz being a TEEN.. the most awesome part is i enjoy hang out wit all my bestmates.. ijane, gha and of coz my beloved sister, lisa.. we do share stories, laugh together, share probs and the most interesting activities... SHOPPING.. hehe.. we do loves shopping and going into the movies.. other than that i'm addicted to MUSIC, bowling and jeans.. i'm also a moviemaniac.. hehe.. i can watch 2 or 3 movies a day without leaving the couch.. hihi.. i'm a huge fans of avenged sevenfold [ probably because the guitarist is super hottie], BOYS LIKE GIRLS, and aznil.. haha.. love to watch macam-macam aznil really much..hihi...