Saturday, November 14

i'm 18!

setelah berhari-hari x dpat online akhirnya dapat jugak update my blog.huhu.. so now online di suria station.sanggup drive jaoh2 semate2 nak online hahaha.redah hujan lagi. ok stop for all that crap. so last wednesday was my 18th birthday.i'm 18 now. yahoo!!! ok supposed to be 'yahoo' or 'oh no'? sebab da makin tua.hehe. happy ari tue. but still im happy im 18. bole msok club. hehe.. *grin*

tapi sampai sekarang satu present pown x dpt lagi. huhu. tapi malam birthday tu ramai yg wish so im happy. hehe
thanx guys. love ya. and one more thing thanx to huda zainal ali cuz ad ckit tribute kat blog die. thanx and miss ya hudz!

so now im looking foward to watch 2012. maybe next week. cant wait. really.da seminggu dok kat umah and my life is fulled with boredom. ari2 tengok tv and makan and tido.tu je la. streamyx wat bertambah2la bosan. nak kuar duet x de. haha. so lepak je la cam ular sawa da rasenye. hehe. so kali ni update ckit je la. maybe nanti update lagi ya. hehee..

happy birthday to me! 


Thursday, November 5



hell yeah! freedom is mine. at last. haha. last paper today was a disaster. i think. hoping for a miracle to get an A.huhu. so as you guys know, bile da abes final the first thing that came up right into my mind was, times square is waitin'.haha. so abes je paper, me and my mates drag our asss off pegi time square. planning nak lepas tension la masing2. hehe. after amek monorail, sampai je beli ticket tengok jennifers body. thank god orang tak ramai. fuh.. then akhir nyer saya berjaye lepaskan gian nak makan mc'd. haha setelah bertahan selama berhari-hari akhirnya perot saya dapat jugak makan spicy chicken mcdeluxe. even sekarang pown rase nak makan *grin*. cam ada addiction je.

then kami2 sumer meneroskan hari kami dengan tunjuk skill kat bowling alley. hahah. and im da champion of the day. yeay! paling best tengok blood bath between bubu and yan. haha. but in the end of the day, girls team number one! sory guys. hahah..sambung mengabeskan duet kat gane arcade. cam little kid yg dapat men game. after that g tengok jennifers body. okay, now i gotta admit that megan fox is the sexiest women alive. she is way hot and sexy.haha. best citer die weyh. pi tengok ramai2..

so here i am now. dorang nak sambung lagi movie malam ni. so later ya..

i got the feeling!

Monday, November 2

i'm a panda!

i got panda eyes. i mean its really horrribleand ugly and it was a disaster. ewww.. how to get rid of it? everyday become darker and darker. okay maybe it was me. for the past one whole week, u know with all this final exam goin' on, i've been sleeping a bit late. okay i'd lied. i mean really late. me and all my mate, every nite we will sleep aboud 5 or 6 am. i mean everyday. omg.. then the next hours tidow sampai kul bape ntah. pukul 9 pg tu kire pukul 3 pagi kami. sooner or later we all gonna turn into batwoman. to all you guys out there, dont ever try this.. its not healthy and you will suffer serious disease called tired-to-death.. i wanna give  you guys  a little information about the effects of this horrible diseases:

a. unbearable tiredness
b. of coz ugly panda eyes
c. tahap mengantuk yang maximum.
d. muke mengantuk padahal korang x ngantuk pown ( i hate dis one..)

i've warned you..

mereka di atas adalah gang2 tidow lambat saya. kami adalah sekawan panda yang suke tidow lambat.
so again gotta drag my asss off pegi study. nak jadi panda..

panda rawks!