Saturday, December 17

chic pop

hello peeps :)

red: me, yellow: jia, green: astina

yesterday, me and my gurlprennnnnn went to chic pop at jaya one, asia jaya. maybe some of you guys
have heard about this thangg before but me, first time. yeahyeah, lameeeee! 
it was aweesomme!
but the not-really-awesomee-part is masingmasing tade duit. haha pity us.
takde lahh shopping banyak sangat kan since duit pun cukupcukup makan je. but yeayy, i got two shirts for rm5 and rm10 and a belt for rm15. murah kan? 
okayokay, for those who dont know what 'chic pop' is, its a bazaar or market that sells clothes,
shoes, and all sort of vintage stuff. mostly from online blogshop laah. so sapesape yang rajin tengok blogshop 
tu tau laa kot.
naah, me not really. 
and the stuff was really vintage and the price was affordable. i think. kena pandai cari laah.
so anybody who interested, bolehh la pegi nanti. cool!

okay laah, actually i got work to do but since nobody knows how to do it, its kinda slow progress
for us to finish it. :)

life equal love :)

Tuesday, December 6



i don't really know what happened  for the photos i posted in my previous post. dang, merepek laahh.
buat rosak blog i je. and frankly, malas lahh nak betulkan. so, tadaa! satu je lahh.

i got my own life and i'm gonna live with it. yeah, i do. :)

p/s: if we want to be great leader, person, mind our language. you won't get the respect you want if you calling the others with names and stuff that you shouldn't be saying anyway. don't put high expectation that people are gonna praise you. treat people like the way you want to be treated. peace yaww.